Alona Shlapak

Alona Shlapak

Kiev, Ukraine

About Alona Shlapak

Ukrainian based artist, Alona Shlapak, began her professional career in 2010. Since that time, she has developed her own style and vision of beauty. The main difference is lightness and audacity, both in drawings and paintings. The main inspiration of the artist is people and their relationships, especially between a man and a woman.
During her career, Alona managed to take part in various exhibitions, her works are in collections in UK, America, Canada, China, Ukraine, and it's this all-encompassing world connection with the art connoisseur that inspires and forces to open horizons again and again.
Everything the artist is currently working on is modernity framed in a classic or historical plot. Alona, of course, is fascinated by the canvases of great masters, but she also clearly feels the need to illuminate her world, her present modern world.


2010-2014-Dnipropetrovsk Theater and Art College (Dnipro, Ukraine)
2014-20 -The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture ( Kiev, Ukraine)