David Jones

David Jones

Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

About David Jones

saatchiart.com is the only site for a comprehensive collection of my figurative line drawings.Suitable for viewing by all ages, promoting a positive image of our bodies.


The human form expressing our different emotions and feelings, expressed simply through a few lines.

After 2 major brain operations 20 years ago an artist friend suggested life drawing to help with memory problems.
I use a technique known as Zen drawing - as each line is drawn one only looks at the subject (the model) and not the paper. The line is drawn on the out breath for best concentration, power and control. I hope that as you look at these line drawings you can 'draw' them again with me. To breathe slower and smoother with each line.

The poses are usually between 1 and 5 minutes(max 10) .Sometimes there is time for more than one completed work of the same pose, as measuring is not required as in 'normal' life drawing.

Permanent artist ink marker pen is used, so no fading or damage possible.

The monogram of my initials is in the form of a whale (childhood name was Jonah)


Member of the Oxford Art Society O.A.S.
Taught Zen drawing by the American artist Elda Abramson, now resident in the UK.


Exhibited in London,Oxford and Suffolk. Original line drawings sold worldwide. See my work framed in Limited section of Saatchi.

Thanks you saatchiart.com for the opportunity to share my work and the many people who support me.