Elisa Franceschini

Elisa Franceschini

Waterloo , ON, Canada

About Elisa Franceschini

Elisa franceschini has attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (IT) most prestigious and higher level of education in Fine Arts, where she graduated in 2006.
During the academic time she has increased her artistic and expressive skills studing and following an academic curriculum regarding Italian and European Fine Arts context. In her academic studies, she has focus more about Classical , Roman , Medieval, Renaissance , Baroque , Romantic, Neo-classicist periods and first period of Avant-garde-Art context. She did a personal academic research and various studies about some stylistic and expressive contents of Art History in different eras . After her Bachelor's degree, She has increased some knowledges of styles, connected to a contemporary and post - modern movements in Europe and in America. From these studies, she learned to express herself with a own style, which blends the power of color expressiveness with a classical setting in her paintings and a strong personal graphic expression in her drawings.
During the following years she got her Master degree in Art History and Drawing. She took her teaching qualification in 2008 in Arts subject
( Painting, Drawing and Art History ) beginnig her experience as Art teacher in your city, Rome (IT)

In 2015 she moved in Ontario (Canada) where she works as Fine Arts instructor for Adult , Senior and Children program in the Waterloo Region.
At the same time, for her language competences as Italian mother tongue, she works as italian language tutor for Adult and Children programs.
From 2018 She is working as Italian support instructor at St Jerome university in Waterloo (On)
And as Fine Arts instructor in some community centres and museums in Waterloo Region promoting Art education and creativity skills of the community.
She is continuing her expressive personal research as an artist, focusing on drawing and panting expressive techniques.


Master's Degree
Art History and Drawing
Academy of Fine Arts, Rome (IT)

Bachelor's Degree
Fine Arts
Academy of Fine Arts, Rome (IT)


Berlin Tower Art space
City Hall of Kitchener (On) Canada

From March 9th 2019 to 30th April 2019