Alan W Davis

Alan W Davis

Bangna, Bangkok, South East Asia, Thailand

About Alan W Davis

Davis, from Toronto Canada, formerly exhibited with Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts in Toronto. He has been a professional artist for over 25 years. Inspired by tin types Davis silver and gold leafs canvas and applies photo sensitive emulsion onto this surface, and exposes and develops directly on the surface. The work is of a high gloss finish. Landscapes, still life, and fetish objects are the main subject matter. The works will be some of the longest lasting durable photographs from 21st century because of the technique.


BFA Mount Allison University.
BEd Queens University.
Sir Wilfird Laurier,
University of Waterloo, English Literature
University of Toronto, Desktop Photography
University of Toronto, Arts Specialist


Future Shows:
Bangkok, Thailand


97-2018 Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts Tor ON
2014 Eslie Evans, Bangkok
2011 Neilson Hayes, Bangkok
2003 Dar Al Fanoon, Kuwait
97-98 Buschlen Mowatt Fine Arts Vancouver BC
97 Edward Day Gallery Kingston/Toronto ON
95-01 Gallery 44 Toronto
95 Art Gallery of Ontario Toronto ON
90 C.I.T.E. Soho New York NY
94-96 Toronto Photographers Workshop Tor ON
94-96 Cold City Gallery Toronto ON