Léo-Vinh Beauvois

Léo-Vinh Beauvois

Sauve, France

About Léo-Vinh Beauvois

I'm a self taught and full time painter and life's lover.
My work is composed of mixed media techniques on canvas, mostly painting and collages ( acrylics, oil, paper, fabric...).

I seek harmony. Of the line, of the expression of my subject. I like playing with different textures, contrast between opacity and transparency, matt and glossy...
Choice of colors plays a great part in this elaboration.

The goal of my aproach is to suspend time, to slow down the present moment.
As Henri David Thoreau wrote, « Life is too short to be in a hurry ».
Taking the time to let enter onirism in the everyday life, serenity, a moment to free the imagination,
to let the mind wander.

As i am part french and part vietnamese, i am very inspired by asian culture. But also by great masters of the past, such as Klimt, Mucha, Gauguin, the impressionists, the preraphaelistes...
And pieces of art more recent, even contemporary, often in the photography departement.


Interview with Lisa Williams from www.https://beautifuldayswithart.wordpress.com

Do you have any particular childhood memories of making art/creating things?

Sure, I loved making craft and drawing when I was a kid. I even remember I used to collect craft books I would buy with money from my birthday. I would sit in silence at my desk and start making a project. I also loved to read and write poetry.

What first inspired you to be creative?

I do not really know, I think it was when I was a teenager. I was homeschooled, with my two siblings.
I was free and encouraged to make a lot of art. Sure, I loved making craft and drawing when I was a kid. I even remember I used to collect craft books I would buy with money from my birthday. I would sit in silence at my desk and start making a project. I also loved to read and write poetry.

Have you ever had a particularly inspiring teacher or mentor?

Actually, I had a lot of them! My art studies have been very eclectic. As I said, I’ve been homeschooled most of my teenage years. And my instruction in art was randomly done by artist friends of my parent or opportunities. My first teachers? Our neighbour, a Tunisian artist/watercolourist, who was also a builder. Vanylle a friend of my parents, she was an art model and art student, she took me once in her artclass. I did my first nude live drawing when I was 12. Laurence an art student ( she is a fulltime artist now) who would take me to her art studio and teach me her techniques. There is also Stephane who taught me everything I know about oilpainting. I used to go to his workshop once a week, when I was in France (my parents took us, 4 children, to travel, mostly in Africa, with an old van). I’ve done also a lot of ceramics, in France with Vincent, an art ceramist, friend of my parents; in an artclass in NewYork; and in a little village with women potters in Burkina Fasso…

Have there been any obstacles on your path to becoming an artist, e.g. obstructive or discouraging people, uncertainty about what direction to go in etc. ?

The greatest obstacle I encountered has been myself. As I became a young mother, I couldn’t attend art university. I slowly tamed my need to create. I involved myself completely in motherhood, while studying English and tourism with correspondence courses. I lost self-confidence in art. I wanted to get a very earthly job. When I decided to get back to it, it was a very slow recovery.

What is your favourite part of the creative process? I’m particularly interested in the way you work with layers of paint and collage, it is a very beautiful effect.

I love to learn, explore, experiment! So to have a rich and textured background, I try to experiment with any new ideas with paint or collage. I also use what I love and can find easily. In my recovering process towards becoming an artist, I taught myself how to sew. For a year, I became a handbag designer. So I was surrounded by a lot of fabrics! Which I use now to create my paintings. But what I love the most in the creative process is the moment you get an idea of how you want the painting to be. And it can change so many times while making the painting, it’s a kind of adventure! Very exciting.



4 février au 31 mars Exposition à la galerie /atelier L'Espace à Montpellier

Portes ouvertes du 1er mai à Sauve

Exposition à la galerie Etc...Arts à Bédarieux (août)

Exposition Galerie Vidourle-Prix à Sauve (automne)


Expo 3 artistes Galerie Vidourle -Prix, Sauve 30610 (janvier, février)

Exposition un peintre, un sculpteur, Pasino de la Grande-Motte (mars)

Ateliers Portes ouvertes du 1er mai, à Sauve

Expo 2 artistes, Moulin de Carrière à Aubais ( juin)

Expo à Terre de Mauripe, Soudorgues (juillet)

Exposition collective à la Pléiade du golf du Cap d'Agde (aout)

Expostion collective "The little big art show" à La Bodega Gallery, San Diego USA

ArTeyran, salon pro (novembre)

en permanence :

Galerie-Vidourle-Prix à Sauve

Artbank, Chine

Membre des collectif internationaux

Femme Thou Art


The Rabbit Hole Collective