Vesna Milinkovic

Vesna Milinkovic

, United Kingdom

About Vesna Milinkovic

Vesna Milinkovic is a British artist & designer, working in the creative sector since graduating in design in 1993. Vesna's paintings have previously exhibited and sold at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

"Abstract and the avant garde is my passionate focus as a painter, with particular emphasis in the organic expression of geometric forms. Music plays an important part in my creative process, I listen to classical avant garde and improv such as Joan Jeanrenaud and Keith Jarrett; the unusual juxtaposition of sound greatly inspires me to be bold in composition. My influencers are many, and yet ultimately none, I tend to work intuitively. Among my favourites are the Russian Constructivists such as Malevich, Popova & El Lissitzky, tapping my Slavic sensibility, while satisfying my cerebral cravings. I'm also deeply fascinated by the sculpture of Louise Nevelson. 50's American abstract expressionism, however, is ultimately the stuff that pulls at my heart strings the most, all the usual suspects, from Pollock & De Kooning to Joan Mitchell; its work like theirs that reminds me why I exist."


Design BA


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