Johno O'driscoll

Johno O'driscoll

, Australia

About Johno O'driscoll

I was born in Sydney in 1964.

Ilived worked, and exhibited at the Gunnery, Woolloomooloo, from 1985-91. Previously I studied history, english, and other languages at Sydney University.

I lived in Berlin in 1986. Otherwise I've been in Sydney, or Melbourne, or on the north cost of NSW.

I've been exhibiting since around 1985, most recently 'All in the Name of Liberty', with Vasili Papageorgiou at the Fitzroy gallery, Fitzroy -

I also am working on software to design tiling symmetries - xndraw. I will sometime release the code under open-source license. As well as my own compositions, fantasies and satires, I paint and draw landscapes and portraits, including commissions


NSW HSC 1981

1982-85: studied atSydney Uni(languages, history), also 'squatted' Sydney's National Art School, and Berliner HochsSchule der Kunst

selected cv

1987: The Big Bang at the Gunnery - the first (of many) major exhibitions at the Gunnery. A multimedia group show with 50+ participants , image, music, film.

1989 - The Sci_fi History Space Show, the Gunnery - my first solo

1989 - 1st annual Gunnery Festival(2 more followed) - all singing, all dancing. 30 + bands, grunge, noise, electronica, cabaret, 50 visual artists. - including"Mechanical Garden - a duck your head and follow the assault course image, music and object instillation/installation (myself with Zdenko Yaksic and John Bartholemew), and played synth in Marcus Gillezeau's Acid without Chemicals, and organised an audience participation driven "paint-in"

1990-91 Chief animation painter, Toby Zoates' "Virgin Beasts", an independent part animated feature(winner of the animation prize, and tied for the grand prize in the first international Trash Video Film Festival(Lille France-mid90's)

1991 The Gunnery Synthesis - Jan Taylor Gallery, annandale, Sydney. Assisted the curator, George Gittoes as well as exhibiting

1991: The Lightning Catcher, solo exhibition of paintings, Kinselas, Darlinghurst- my first, but not last show in a former funeral parlour

1994: Phoolan Devi - WITNESS. Paintings of India's "bandit queen", AirSpace, Redfern

1994: Scenery/lighting, Victor Sheehan's "Flower to Furnace", directed by Charles Freyberg, The Wayside Chapel Theatre, Kinds Cross. Sydney.

1998: Monkey/Dragon, with Emilia Oki. Paintings and prints. A. Roland Hump Gallery, Redfern(Sydney) and Yume Ya Gallery, Collingwood (Melbourne)

2001: Flying in the Face of Reality. Paintings of Sydney and the Olympics. Solo. TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst(Sydney)

2002: Paintings on lifesize fibreglass cows(!) for a Nestle 'charity' promotion. Auctioned at Goodman's auctioneers, Double Bay(Sydney)

2004: Paddington in Pictures. 40 plein-air landscapes of Victorian Paddington(NSW) with incidental BMWs and flash tradesmen's utes(aka the cars that ate PaDDo). Exhibited at EH Ward Community Centre, Paddington, and Pine St Comunity Arts Centre, Chippendale.Produced by Marcus Gillezeau - images

2005: Subjects awaiting Interrogation. Paintings inspired by the(illegal) US extra-judicial incarceration system, other behaviourist animal experiments , and the Australian abolition of citizenship(in the name of national security). We are subjects, awaiting interrogation in an antechamber to Guantanamo Bay.

2006: "What's Newtown to You?"
Landscapes and portraits of this much-loved inner Sydney suburb.



Future Shows: Feb 2007: paintings(title as yet undecided), the Fitzroy Gallery,
Fitzroy St, Fitzroy