fereshteh stoecklein

fereshteh stoecklein

London, Westbourne Grove, United Kingdom

About fereshteh stoecklein

I am painting and exhibiting for some years, I exhibit around the world.
Studied interior design in USA and Europe in Germany.
My passion for fine art and painting grow more as I travelled and lived in many country around the world.
I was able to join the fine art academies and learn different method and techniques, such as chinese brush paintings with water colour and chinese ink, oil painting.
Acrylic paint and mixed media painting I am inspired by following the French School of Impressionist Art and the German or American Expressionist,
Abstract Art of German and American School. My inspiration has been the nature, the music, and the time, pöble, place and space.
I develop my art further through the challenges of creating new style and developing by experimenting and taking risks of simplifying eliminating or adding by spontaneous painting.

I enjoy joining the art competitions and exhibiting on a regular basis.


I studied Interior design and architect. My passion for fine art studies grow stronger. I studied oil painting following the French school, Chinese brush painting classical contemporary chinese painting, and expressionist art following the German and American art. I work with acrylic paint and mixed media. I have had solo exhibitions and group exhibitions around the world, I have sold many paintings, my paintings are sold all around the world. Please visit my online gallery www.visual-poetry.com. I have good comments and success from the buyers and enthusiastic visitors.
I am member of several Online Galleries..www.fineartamerica.com, www.artgallery.co.uk, www.Saatchi online, www.artabus.com,www.artbreak.com...../


Passed events some are briefly listed below


Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 1985
Duesselforf Germany 1989
Duesseldorf Germany. 1999
Munich. Germany. Authoren Gallery Yearly Exhibition
Munich Sheraton Hotel Arabella Park Permanent Exhibition
Online Galeries: Fine Art America, Art Gallery .co.uk, Artavita.com
Light Galery London 2004
Street Bill Board Art 2005-2008
Art Now Oxo Towers. 2014
Private Exhibitions Yearly
AAF Battersea London 2020