Liza Wheeler

Liza Wheeler

Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania

About Liza Wheeler

My art career began as an understudy, twenty three years ago in Europe, following advanced studies in design, which led to about seven years of custom freelance work on subjects often requiring substantial adaptation. Consequently I consider myself to be mostly self-taught.
With the opening of my first studio, fourteen years ago in the U.S., I continued custom work while expanding experimentation with the availability of modern materials. From the beginning my interests were to create unique artworks involving multiple subjects and styles, satisfying my long anticipated dreams. This experimentation continues today, creating new ideas, techniques, styles and diversity.
I have participated in over thirty eight curated solo, group and guild exhibitions in nine countries, on three continents. My work has appeared in international art books and publications.  Donations of work and time have been made to charities and public instruction workshops.
Liza Wheeler


Usual state education, advanced studies in design, artist understudy and self - taught.


Please see Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae
Liza Wheeler

RTVA Canal Sur – Malaga, Spain April 3 – 1 May (solo)
(forfeited in lieu of private commissions)
RTVA Canal Sur – Jaen, Jaen, Spain Dec. 3-27 “Fantasías” (solo)
BIC - EURONOVA, S.A. Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, Malaga, Spain (solo)
Presencias 41- Arte Malacitano 2015, Diputación de Málaga, Spain (group)
Biblioteca Alberto Jiménez Fraud (La Palma), Málaga, Spain (group)
Biblioteca Dámaso Alonso (Jardín de Málaga), Málaga, Spain (group)
Biblioteca José Moreno Villa (Churriana), Málaga, Spain (group)

APLAMA (Asociación De Artistas Plásticos De Málaga) (guild membership, Malaga, Spain
Sala de Exposiciones Manuel Barbadillo, Málaga, Spain (group)
Biblioteca Manuel Altolaguirre (Cruz de Humilladero), Malaga, Spain (group)
Centro Ciudadano Valle Inclán, Málaga (solo)
Riogordo Museum, Málaga (group)
Biblioteca (Library) Miguel de Cervantes, Málaga (group)
1st Taza Biennial Morocco – Honorable Mention (certificate)
Casa de la Cultura Alhaurin el Grande (solo)
Casa de la Cultura Frigiliana, Spain (group)
Sala de Exposiciones Manuel Barbadillo, Málaga, Spain (group)
Casa de la Cultura, Torre del Mar, Spain (group)

2nd International Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Mosaics - CLAUIANO di Trivignano Udinese, Italy (group)
Academia Picasso, Fuengirola, Spain (solo)
Casa de la Cultura (Municipal Gallery), Alhaurin el Grande, Spain (solo)
Festival International Arte Marbella, Marbella, Spain (group)
Mosaic Art Today
Schiffer Publishing

Libertad Couso Gallery, Marbella, Spain
Galeria de la Alcaldia de Cuenca Ecuador (solo)
International juried exhibition - Maplestone Gallery, Creemore, Canada
Third annual international jury selection Ciel Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Ciel Gallery, Charlotte (juried), North Carolina, USA
La Esquina de las artes (juried), Cuenca, Ecuador
Galeria El Otorongo, Cuenca, Ecuador (April)
Galeria El Otorongo, Cuenca, Ecuador (March)


Best of Worldwide Artists 2009 - 2010 glass publication
Mosaic Fine Art Books (The Portraits Book)
Cuenca High Life (September)
Artist Spotlight - Contemporary Mosaic Art (CMA)
El Mercurio (Newspaper) 30 June
El Mercurio (Newspaper) 3 June
ETV Telerama - N'BOGA 3 June
La Tarde (Newspaper) 2 June
Mosaic Yearbook (CD)

Public Works:
IESS (Social Security) building, "El Tucan", Cuenca, Ecuador

Instruction - Workshops:
Introduction to Glass Mosaics - Alcaldia de Cuenca (Municipality) June:
Selected students of Academia Olmeda, Cuenca, Ecuador
Ecuador Artists selected by IESS (Social Security) art program, Cuenca, Ecuador

Galeria El Otorongo, Cuenca, Ecuador (solo)
International juried exhibition, 2nd City Council Art Gallery, Long Beach, California, U.S.A.
Galeria El Otorongo, Cuenca Ecuador (November, juried)
Pontefract Museum, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England (BAMM, juried)

Mosaic Yearbook (CD)

Public Works:
Galeria El Otorongo "El Otorongo", Cuenca, Ecuador
Bienal International de Pintura, sala Casa de Coco, Cuenca, Ecuador (solo)
CIDAP (Centro Interamericano de Artesanias y Artes Populares), Cuenca, Ecuador (solo)

Mosaic Yearbook (CD)
ETV Telerama
- N'BOGA - 16 September
Diario El Tiempo - 15 October
El Diario Hoy - 12 September
Diario El Mercrio - 10 September
Diario El Tiempo - 9 September
Cuenca High Life - 6 September
Diario El Mercurio - 5 September
Diario El Tiempo - 14 February
Diario El Mercurio - 14 February

Public Works:
Hogar Infantil Tadeo Torres (orphanage), "El Primer Paso", Cuenca, Ecuador

Atelier, Miami, Florida - Annual International Juried Exhibition

Studio 2600, Regional Juried Exhibition, (Uptown – Downtown) Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.