Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys

Saint Adele, Quebec, QC, Canada

About Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys started taking photographs and filming with super 8 in the mid- sixties after deciding it was far more exciting to him than painting or making landsculpture which he did for a number of years.. His fine-art career began in 1979 with the apprenticeship to the doyenne of photography, the late BERENICE ABBOTT, discoverer of EUGENE ATGET and assistant to MAN RAY. He has had his most important retrospective at the Vilnius Art Gallery, Lithuania (1998), and has been awarded three international awards. Currently he has divided his time between Qubec and the U.S., and has traveled to many countries around the globe. Geomancer, Dowser,Rock Sculptor, Gourmet Chef, World Traveller, Cinematographer, Photographer, Director

Algis Kemezys started out in the visual arts as a fine art photographer. He has photographed all over the world. His work has been published and exhibited internationally (New York; Chicago; Canada; Greece; Mexico and India).
While photographing the island of Crete (Greece) for a book cover in 2002, he became interested in making a documentary about the islands mimetoliths.
Drawing on his previous experience in working with video (Ryerson University; as well as an ongoing sideline in video-art pieces) he has finished two successive documentary films, the first of which (Faces of Myth) played in several festivals to good notices, and the second of which (Mimetoliths) was finished in October 2005 and showed with the Untied Nations Mediterranean. Enviromental Film Festival. Ishia Film festival, Italy and Won peoples choice in the Night Gallery Film Festivals.


Director-videographer-editor. 2006 60-min. documentary feature.Cyprus International Film Festival 2006 , Asterfest, Macedonia and Ecofilms Festival Rodos May&June 2006 FACES OF MYTH: writer-director-editor. 60-min. documentary feature. Official selection Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (Greece, 2004); Maine International Film Festival (U.S.A., 2004); Ecofilm Festival (Rhodes, 2005); Distributor: Vtape (Toronto). WALL STORIES: Writer-director-videographer. 30-minute video, shown in the Torino International Film Festival, and various video-art events. THE CIVIL SERVANT: Starring role. 30-minute dramatic film. Shown on the CBC, and festivals. LAWN & ORDER: major participant. Gemini-nominated film about gardens. CBC. ALGIS, MON BEAU JARDIN: starring role and subject of 20-minute, prize winning video (First and Second prize at Video-Est). Shown on Radio-Canada, and festivals. Other Art-Videos: TALK KIDS; MARIE ANTOINETTE; IMELDA; CHICHENITZ AH; THE BIG ONE: videographer/director/actor Televised documentaries about Kemezys work: PORTRAIT in STONE (CBC, 1994) about GRAVEN IMAGES. MY MOTHERS RED WIG (CBC, 1995). HOLY COW (CNBC, 1998). Software skills: Final Cut Pro, Live type, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Director, HTML Code, Macintosh Platform, Quicktime, Pagemill2.0 Algis Kemezys is a guy who can photograph anything , and isnt it nice to see a real artist at work...MARY HARDIMAN The New York Times 1999 Kemezys is like a modern day Henri Cartier Bresson, only with multiple levels of perception Popular Photography 1984 Celebrities : major photographic exhibitions: selected list AMID SUMMERS WILDFLOWERS: colour-digital flower portraits. MACWORLD CREATIVE-PRO EXPO. One of 30 offical images selected for the Gallery. Shown for one year in conventions (New York Javits-Center; San Francisco Moscone-Center), and galleries across the U.S. Published in THE GAZETTE, Montreal (full page, in colour); and PHOTOgraphos Magazine, Athens, Greece (6-page, full-colour spread); YANKEE Magazine, New England (6-page, full-colour spread; and upcoming (Spring 04) in CAMERA ARTS, New Mexico. HOLY COW: b&w portrait of India from the perspective of the sacred cows: O.K.HARRIS (New York) 1995 NATIONAL CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS PIRAMAL GALLERY (Bombay) 1997 Lithuanian Museum of Art LITHUANIAN WORLD CENTER (Chicago) 1998 FUJI FILM GALLERY (Vilnius) 1999, followed by 2-year tour of Lithuania GALERIE MISTRAL (Montral) 1999 GRAVEN IMAGES: b&w images from cemeteries in the North-East of North America: O.K.HARRIS (New York) 1987 IDE (Toronto) 1988 TORONTO PHOTOGRAPHERS WORKSHOP GALLERY (1996) MOUNT ROYAL CEMETERY (Montral) 1997 CBC TV ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT DOCUMENTARY FILM 1988 STREET MYSTERIES: b&w images of streets and their mysteries: PHOTOGRAMME (Montral) 1984 IDE (Toronto) 1986 MARCUSE PFEIFFER (New York) 1987 VILNIUS ART GALLERY (Vilnius) 1988 GALLERY 44 (Toronto) 1995 CANADA MEXICO ART EXCHANGE (Mexico) CARTOON SOCIETY: hand-painted Polaroid portraits: NIDA PHOTOGRAPHIC FESTIVAL (Lithuania) 1999 RYERSON GALLERY (Toronto) 1995 COTE ST-LUC Public Library (Montreal) 1999 MOROCCAN MOSAIC: b&w scenes of Morocco, GALERIE DELACROIX in Tangiers. Toured Morroco via the French Cultural Centers SACRED SADHUS: colour portraits of Indias holy people, exhibited on the internet at SULEKHA.COM & Galerie Mistral, Montral ALTERED STATES & MELTDOWN: Arnold Gottleib Gallery (Toronto); Max Mueller Bhavan (Madras); Chiurlonis Gallery (Chicago); Ide Gallery (Toronto); Galerie IsArt (Montral); Stewart Hall Gallery (Montral) Publications: THE GAZETTE (Montral) cover story travel-photography, featuring Greece, Hong Kong, and India (1996-2005). NOW MAGAZINE (Toronto) over 1,000 photographs on wide variety of subjects --celebrities, events, politics, arts-- during ten years on staff (1985-1995). PHOTO LIFE (Toronto) Holy Cow articles in 1991 and 1992. PHOTO DIGEST (Toronto) ALTERED STATES (1993); article (1994). PHOTO SELECTION (Montral) STREET MYSTERIES (1984); SELF PORTRAIT (1985); ALTERED STATES (1994); HOLY COW (1998). DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY (California) ALTERED STATES (1989); with interview and 5 pages of ALTERED STATES (1990). POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY (New York) Rave review of STREET MYSTERIES (1984) Also published in: L.A.TIMES; BOSTON HERALD; PEOPLE; TORONTO STAR; TABLES; NEMANAS; TRAVELERS INDIA; CAMERA CANADA; FACES OF CANADA; LIVRE DOEUF; GLOBE&MAIL; TORONTO LIFE; MACLEANS; HINDUSTANI TIMES; TIMES OF INDIA; INDIA EXPRESS; PHOTOGRAPHERS FORUM; JAZZIZ MAGAZINE; AMERICAN THEATRE MAGAZINE; EAST ANGLIA TIMES; MORNING SENTINEL; KRITI MAGAZINE; RETHEMNIOTIKA NEA. Cover photography for literary books; stills for films, theatrical posters, album covers, photography anthologies, and guide books. Television and Radio: Algis Kemezys has been on several documentaries regarding his work by CNBC & CBC television. He also has done ma


2015 National Archaeological Museum of Athens with Born in Stone. January 19 to March 15, 2015 || January 19 to March 15, 2015 || Museum Café
The National Archaeological Museum is a vital part of the Athenian community, functioning as a forum
for ideas and a home of artistic and intellectual achievement. In this context, it hosts exhibits of contemporary art
in its Café space, enabling a dialogue between Greek artists with their international counterparts in an
environment that is predicated to the highest level of civilization. This enriches the museum experience of visitors
by offering a cultural link of the past to the future, and by bridging the exquisite arc of human imagination to the
creation of fine art.
Born in Stone is an attempt by Algis Kemezys to tread the same ground. He has created composite
images that reinterpret iconic Ancient Greek sculptures which he photographed in this museum as well as other
locations worldwide where they are being kept, embedding them on backgrounds of sacred rock. He chose the
stone on which sits the Athenian Acropolis and the translucent marble of the quarry in Paros, which was used by
the greatest sculptors of antiquity such as Praxiteles. Kemezys focused on specific designs of the rock that would
best meld with each particular sculpture, offering a unique vision wherein the sculptures appear to take form and
reveal themselves to the viewer through the texture of the rock, chronicling yet again the unbounded artistry of the
Ancient Greeks. Kemezys has said that Born in Stone is in reality Born in the National Archaeological Museum,
because it was here, in the presence of its untold treasures that the notion for these composites was first
conceived, to be completed with absolute devotion during the last three years.
The artist lives in Canada but exhibits internationally in major galleries. He also has a presence in film
festivals with his prize-winning documentaries. His interest in sculpture and the endlessly artistic possibilities of
stone is an on-going theme of his decades-long career.


Scope Miami Art Exhibition Dec 2015 Group Show with the SeeMe Gallery. "Born in Stone" photographs

Exposure Award, Group Show @ Louvre Museum in Paris Summer of 2015

The National Archaeological Museum Athens. Solo show with "Born in Stone" Jan,Feb, March 2015

ICI PAR LES ARTS, St-Jèrôme, Québec, June-July 2014;


See Me Gallery: Times Square Billboard: Group show. July 2014, 2013

Instant Gratification. Copro Gallery, Bergamot Arts Complex in Santa Monica, California. Group show with Published book. Jan.2010

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MacWorld Convention Art Gallery *Digital Masterpiece NYC 1999 NYC Javits Center

Center for Photography @ Piramel Gallery, Mumbay,
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Goethe Institute. Madras, India Solo show of Altered States. 1995 

The Red Wig Project: My Mothers Red Wig. Sponsor Polaroid featured on the CBC Newsmagazine.
United Nations Environmental Committee, Toronto  Lecture and Photographic participation in the World
Environmental Summit, Rio de Janeiro 1992

Arnold Gottlieb Gallery, Toronto.  Group show with Altered States  Feb. 1992,1993,1994

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