Paulo Acencio

Paulo Acencio

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

About Paulo Acencio

PAULO ACENCIO DE ARAUJO was born in Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil, on 30 days of June 1944. Lives in São Paulo since 1958.
It has actively participated in the contemporary art movement in Brazil and abroad. Awarded several times since the awards medals acquisitive. In addition to the Fine Arts the artist has made inroads in Literature in Graphic Arts and Photography. During four years taught courses in art at the Art Gallery of SESI / FIESP the invitation of the gallery. Has conducted numerous workshops in business and cultural centers.


He studied drawing and painting in the atelier of the master Abedante Romano from 1962 to 1966.


1993: Prize "Palette d'Argent" and "Sports-Prix Artistique" at the 21st International Exhibition - Revin, France. 1993: "Diplome d'Honneur" in the 4th European Festival of Contemporary Art - Brussels, Belgium. 1997: Vice-President of Honor of the 25th International Exhibition of Art - Revin, France. 1998: Professional Merit - Commendation awarded by the Brazilian Academy of Arts, Culture and Science. 1998: Partners of Culture - Ministry of Culture - Government of the State of São Paulo. 2001: Receives the title "Cavalieri Accademia del Verbano" - awarded by the Academy Internazionale di Lettere, Arti, Scienza - Vinzaglio - Italy. 2002: Medal of participation as a guest on the 30th International Exhibition of Art - France. 2009: Award "Artmajeur Silver Award" - Virtual Art Gallery - New York, USA.


 1965: Salão Livre da Associação Paulista de Belas Artes - São Paulo.
 1973: Manifesto Ecológico, na Faculdade Paulista de Música - São Paulo.
 1974: Bienal Nacional 74 - Fundação Bienal São Paulo – SP.
 1976: Arte e Pensamento Ecológico - Fundação Cultural – Brasília.
 1978: Arte e Pensamento Ecológico - Palácio da Cultura - Rio de Janeiro.
 1981: 16ª Bienal Internacional de São Paulo.
 1981: Exposição Individual na Galeria Itaú Cultural - São Paulo.
 1981: Sociedade Internacional dos Artistas em Chiba, Fukuoka, Nara, Okinawa e Tóquio – Japão.
 1982: Expo. Individual na Galeria Metropolitana de Arte - Recife - PE.
 1986: Expo. Individual no Centro Empresarial do Estado de São Paulo.
 1986: International Taipei Fine Arts Museum - Japão.
 1988: Centenário de Villa-Lobos - Galeria Inter Arte Paris - França.
 1991: Expo.Individual de Pinturas na Estação do Metrô Consolação – SP.
 1991: Exposição Individual no Museu Regional do São Francisco – Juazeiro - BA.
 1995: Exposição na Embaixada Brasileira San José - Costa Rica.
 1996: Expo. Vasp Art Gallery - Los Angeles – USA.
 1996: Projeto Maternidade – Museu da Marinha - São Paulo – SP.
 1996: 24º Salão Internacional – Revin-França.
 1997: 25º Salão Internacional – Revin-França.
 2000: Projeto Ecce Brasilis - Museu de História e Arte - Maringá PR;
Conjunto Cultural da Caixa Econômica Federal - SP e
Conjunto Cultural da Caixa Econômica Federal - Brasília - DF.