Alder Bernd

Alder Bernd

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

About Alder Bernd

Bernd Alder is a Swiss artist, French expression, who has tried to find throughout his long and successful career the way to transport Mediterranean light to his canvases. For this he has followed the example of French impressionist artists settling for many years on the French Riviera (Montpellier). He fell in love with the same Provence light that seduced Matisse, Picasso, Léger, where great history of museums have been honoring all of them: Picasso (Antibes - Vallauris), Matisse and Chagall (Niça), Leger (Biot). Only Ceret, however, - with the Museum of Modern Art, already in French Catalonia - offers us a global discourse linked to the emergence of the Avant-garde in France, given the fact that several waves of artists resided and there are even lived there for many years.

Alder has wanted to mix his artistic experience in this territory with the inspiration of the artists he adores.

His way of approaching the landscape seduces us by its historical approach that goes beyond the artists of the twentieth century. From Cézanne and his last period, where he repeated incessantly landscapes of his beloved city Aix-en-Provence, to the Saint Victoire mountain to the surrounding forests. Alder's brushstroke is more similar to the compositional brushstroke of these works than to the avant-garde interpretations that descendants of Cézanne explored. He has recently changed this territories for Barcelona, a maritime city that approaches to an experience of the sea in a unbeatable way. He uses the plein air technique without blushing, transferring - as an artistic performance - all the elements of the trade, from the paintbrushes to the painting and colored tubes, in his robust Swiss shepherd physicist.

We believe that the search for light in his new adoptive city will bring him new
topics of analysis and interpretation. Lately female portraits have been increasing his
interest, new trends that will surely satisfy his large group of international collectors.


Art critic and historian, independent curator of exhibitions.


I was born 1971 in Rapperswil ,Switzerland .
Studied at the Écoles des Beaux Arts in Paris and Montpellier. I live and work in Barcelona, Zurich and southern France.


2019 Elekrizitätswerk Jona-Rapperswil 17.10. bis 10.11 2019

2018 Cannes Art

2014 Grand Café Odeon, Zürich (23.11.13 - 31.12.14)

2014 Lej da Staz, St. Moritz (21.12.13 - 30.3.14)

2013 Künstlermesse Frankfurt

2013 Galerie Durrer • Goll

2013 Galerie Beyeler Pratteln Barcelonaprojekt

2012 Mai-Ausstellung Projektgalerie Zürich

2012 Zürichprijekt Galerie Regency House Zürich

2011 Ausstellungsprojekt Isla Margarita Venezuela

2010 Galerie Gora, Montreal, Canada
2009/10 Gruppenausstellung, Projektgalerie Zürich
2009 Lounge by the Lake, Zürich-Oberrieden
2009 The Regency House, Zürich
2006 Galerie ART PASSION Montpellier

2005 City Galerie Zürich

2004 Kunstmesse Art International Kongresshaus Zürich
2003 Muralto, Zürich
2002 Kunsthaus von Port Vendre (Frankreich)
2002 Grand Hotel Dolder, Zürich
2002 Film: Fait accompli in Solothurn
2000 Oraculus Bilder von Bernd R. Alder aus dem Labyrinththeater von Enrique Vargas
2000 Hotel Misani, St. Moritz
2000 EnglishWorkshop Antiques Gallery von Felix Weilemann, Zürich
2000 Hürlimann Areal Gruppenausstellung Stadt Zürich
2000 Galleria Szenario, Küssnacht
2000 Grand Dolder Hotel Zürich: Projekt Dolderbilder
1999 Galerie Joy, Stockerstrasse, Zürich
1998 Im Haus Bianchi, Zürich
1998 Ausstellung „24 Stunden an der Langstrasse“
1998 Eintrag in das Lexikon der Schweizer Kunst (Neue Ausgabe Oktober 2008)
1997 Mitgliedschaft in der GSMBA (Gesellschaft Schweizer Maler, Bildhauer und Architekten)
1997 Galerie Keller Wedekind, Zürich
1997 „nite art events“ präsentiert Bilder von Bernd Alder mit Live-Übertragung im Interrnet
1996 Züspa-Hallen Zürich-Oerlikon (von der Präsidialabteilung der Stadt Zürich organisiert)
1995 Stadthaus Uster
1995 Galerie Dr. Peter Dolezal im Hotel Sofitel, Zürich
1994 Galerie Delia Nagel, Zürich
1994 Atelierausstellung im Atelier Bernd R. Alder, Zürich
1993 „atelier 45“ Zürich-Oerlikon
1992 Sonnenhof, Rapperswil
1991 Bank Linthgebiet Sarganserland, Rapperswil
1991 Atelier 3, Galerie Brehm, Zürich
1991 Vaison de la Romaine, Frankreich