Alethea Eriksson

Alethea Eriksson

Baden, Aargau, Switzerland

About Alethea Eriksson

Alethea Eriksson is a South African-Swiss contemporary abstract artist based in Baden, Switzerland. She paints in acrylic or oil with cold wax, or a combination of the two.

Her inspiration comes from nature, especially the interplay of light, colour and texture. She distils these impressions into mostly abstract images that are quiet, contemplative and atmospheric.

She finds painting both meditative und energizing and this is reflected in the works themselves.


BA Honours in History of Art.
Since 2012, intensive training in painting, including a pre-BA-FA year at Zurich School of Art and Design plus workshops with well-known Swiss and German artists such as Alexander Jeanmaire, Bettina Hachmann and Petra Klos.
Alethea focused initially on working in acrylics, but since taking residential courses with American artist, Rebecca Crowell and with Canadian artist, Janice Mason-Steeves, she also works in oil and cold wax medium.
In 2020 Alethea did the intensive CVP (Creative Visionary Program) with Californian Nicolas Wilton & team. Currently she is working with Nancy Hillis on the Studio Journey.


Alethea has taken part in group and solo exhibitions in various parts in Switzerland. She is permanently respresented by La Paletta in Flim, Switzerland.