alex buckingham

alex buckingham

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

About alex buckingham

I was born and raised in London, England, and now live in Brisbane Australia. I went through Art College in England and studied fine art before doing photography. I have had various exhibitions along the way. I have an exhibition once a year at Maud Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.
I have many collections. Several of my collections are with The Designer Boys who are based in Sydney.
I have taken 43 years to create these collections, which are varied but all photographic. I just love photography and I have worked in the advertising world for over 40 years, and in this time I have slowly been shooting my own work. I read and research before I start a new project, which can include everything from still life, botanical, pop art, landscapes to J W Waterhouse the Pre-Raphaelite painter. The inspiration just seems to flow and not every project works, but when it does it's very rewarding.
My works sell worldwide, and that in itself is so satisfying knowing someone else likes your work!
Along the way, I have picked up most of the coveted international and national awards around, including; Cannes, One Show, D&AD, Clio, AWARD and BADC. I was also named 123rd best advertising photographer in the world in 2014.
I have shot campaigns for just about every British booze and banking institution you can think of including; Smirnoff, Hennessey, Moet, Gordon’s, Guinness, Boddingtons, Holsten, Tetleys, Strongbow, Carlsberg, Kellogg, Silk Cut, Lloyds, Midland, Nat West, Barclays. I have also shot for the likes of Cadbury’s, The Times Newspaper, Nokia, Liberty Store, Sainsbury, Tesco, plus many more, inc recently a campaign for Coke China.
I have always enjoyed shooting my own work, and I continue to do so.


Art School, Salisbury, England.


1987-2000 Various D&AD and Campaign Press Awards London.
Mid '80's Euro best for Nike Campaign.
1990 Clio Award.
1995 Cannes Lion.
1997 Art Directors Club New York.
1999 Judges Choice Association of Photographers London.
2000-2003 Various Silver & Bronze Awards BADC Australia.
2004 AME (Marketing Effectiveness Awards) New York.
2008 Campaign Press Awards London - Silver.
2009 Creative Circle Awards London - Bronze.
2009 Outdoor Awards Australia - Bronze.
2009 Effectiveness Awards Australia - Bronze.
2009 BADC Awards Australia x5 Silvers & x8 Bronzes.
2010 Outdoor Awards Australia x5 Bronzes.
2010 Finalist in One Show New York.
2010 Cannes x1 Gold & x1 Silver.
2010 BADC Awards Australia Best of Show x2 Golds & x2 Bronzes.
2010 London International Awards x1 Silver.
2010 D&AD London x1 Silver.
2011 Andy Awards x1 Gold.
2011 Clio Awards x1 Gold & x1 Silver.
2011 Award Australia x1 Silver.
2011 New York Festival x1 Gold.
2011 Pica x2 Golds.
2011 BADC Awards Australia x2 Silver & x1 Bronze.
2012 BADC Awards Australia - Photography x1 Gold & x3 Silvers. In print x1 Silver & x3 Bronzes.
2013 BADC Awards Australia - Photography x3 Golds & x4 Bronzes - In print x2 Golds x4 Silvers & x3 Bronzes.
2014 Fuck all ( but ranked 123rd best advertising photographer in the world, by Lurzers Archive ).
2016 BADC Awards Australia - Photography x2 Silvers & x1 Bronze - in print x6 Bronzes.
2017 BADC Awards Australia - Photography x2 Golds x3 Silvers & x3 Bronzes - in print x1 Silver & x7 Bronzes.


Fouts & Fowler Gallery, London.
L'escargot, London.
Cutting Edge, Brisbane, Australia. Mixed
Volumes Gallery, Australia. Flora.
Art Life, Australia.
Design College Australia. Valley People.
Engine Group, Brisbane, Australia. New Beginnings.
Maud Gallery, Brisbane, Australia. Time After.
Maud Gallery, Brisbane, Australia. PUNKS.