Aleksandra Cherepanova

Aleksandra Cherepanova

New York, NY, United States

About Aleksandra Cherepanova

Hello my dear friend!
My name is Aleksandra Cherepanova. I am an international and professional artist. In 2007 I received my master's degree from the Academy of Painting. I have many exhibitions all over the world and many victories in competitions. Some art works in museums and private collections.
But the main thing for me is art itself! I create modern and contemporary art mainly in the genre of painting, sometimes graphics and sculpture, sometimes it's like a collage of old things. I have different periods of creativity! I love to invent new things. And merge and remake old styles. I've already come up with some new art forms! And this is just the beginning!
I was lucky to be born with talent, but I believe that the main thing is to work hard and anyone can achieve what they want! If you want to draw well - do it every day! This is what I say to all my students. I learned a long time ago, but I still paint every day! This is an important part of life!
One of my signature styles with wavy lines. I have done a lot of wavy abstract and stylized artwork. These are huge three-meter abstract art works and small wavy landscapes. Both the seascape and the underwater world.
In recent years, I like to combine expressionism with my wavy lines. I think it looks amazing!
I like to combine this in many different ways. And sometimes I like to do just expressive painting. Subject Expressionism or Abstract Expressionism.
My style is very recognizable! And it's very big! In it, I move along wavy lines from expressionism to the subject and vice versa.
If you look at the history of art, you will see that it is artists with great style who can be really great.
As the saying goes: Go big or go home! And rightly so! Otherwise it will be boring :)
Also, I combine landscape and abstract art. It's easy and organic! Since these two genres are fortunate to combine. Like many great abstractionists, at first they were landscape painters. This is a dialogue between the inner world and the outer!
Philosophy! The main filling of my art! I take an object from real life and process it according to my mind and feelings. And most importantly, I find and create art with this subject with several levels of philosophical meaning! I do not ignore beauty and how it will be in the interior! I understand that not everyone is interested in diving deeply into a work of art.
Art created by man for a reasonable intelligent people. But not only one mind exists in art! It's the same feelings and emotions! For example, as in abstract expressionism. Now I started to do it much more. This is the hardest type of art in the world! It must be lived! And then it will work out. Now I have it turned out great! But it was not always so. To do this, you need to be liberated and let your feelings take over. And not only! This type of art requires an altered consciousness and an opening of the subconscious. Like meditation or shamanic practice. Therefore, abstract art was originally created as a spiritual art. This is what we can feel, but we cannot explain! I think this is the most honest and real art!
And if you've read this far, I'll tell you a secret. I hope you've seen the movie The Secret. All my art is dedicated to optimism and celebration of life! I believe that on the wall next to you there should be art that motivates you and charges you with positive energy! There should not be anything sad and gloomy, these will cope without me. I create art that evokes only positive emotions !!!
In my personality, different things will coexist in harmony! And that's great! I am ready to share this with you!


Academy of Painting Natalia Nesterova. Master's degree


1. "Petersburg Art Week” at the Exhibition Hall of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. Took 3rd place in the contest (abstract art section, category: "professionals”).
2. "Art Weeks in the World” international program in the capital of Portugal (Lisbon): July 31 - August 6, 2013. Exhibition at the exhibition gallery of the Union of Artists of Portugal. Took the 2nd prize in the "Landscapes in Avant-garde Style” category
3. "Days of Slavic Art in Turkey” - Art Week in Antalya (Art Week in Turkey). August 17 - 26, 2013. 2nd prize in the "Abstract art” category
4. Russian "Artistic Creativity” Cup: November 24-30, 2013 (Moscow) at the "Mars” Contemporary Art Center. Took the 1, 2 and 3 prizes in the "Abstract painting” category!
5. "Days of Slavic Art” in Lisbon (Portugal), December 2 – 15, 2013. Took the 2nd prize in the "Abstract painting” category
6. "Art Week in Czech Republic” International Exhibition organized by the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Prague and the World Fund for the Arts; January 23 – 29, 2014. Took the 1st prize ("Experimental painting” nomination). It was the first time that I presented my auteur fresco at an art competition.
7. Russian Art Week in the Central House of Artists (Moscow) from April 23 to May 4, 2014. Took the 2nd prize
8. Russian "Artistic Creativity” Cup at the Central House of Artists (Moscow): May 6 - 11, 2014. Took the 1st prize
9. Moscow: Russian "Artistic Creativity” Cup: the Assembly of Arts (September 30 - October 8, 2014) at the exhibition halls of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts. Took the 1st prize in the "Decorative painting” category and the 1st prize in the "Abstract composition” category!
10. Berlin, Germany: Art Week in Berlin. November 25 - December 10, 2014. Took the 3rd prize in the "Abstract painting” nomination!
11. Warsaw. International Week of Art in Poland. 3rd place. (February 2015)
12. Sofia. Art Week in Bulgaria. 3rd place. (March 2015)
13. Moscow. Cup of Russia on artistic creativity. 1st place (April 2015)
14. Budapest. Hungary. Art Week in Budapest 3rd place (October 2015)
15. Moscow. RUSSIAN ART WEEK. 3rd place (January 2016)
16. Moscow. Cup of Russia on artistic creativity. 1st place (January 2016)


Solo exhibitions:
2006 – "The Landscapes of Saltykovka”: personal exhibition at the "Saltykovka” Culture and Leisure Center.

2007 – solo exhibition of graphic arts dedicated to the Great Patriotic War at the "Saltykovka” Culture and Leisure Center.

2007 – solo exhibition of abstract paintings at the "Saltykovka” Culture and Leisure Center.

2010 – solo exhibition of paintings at the exhibition hall of the MUA (Moscow Union of Artists) on Starosadsky.

2013 – "Border assault”: personal exhibition of auteur frescos (Contemporary fresco) at Galerie Serge in Moscow (from 1 to 22 of November).

2014 – "About the Crimea”: personal exhibition of auteur frescos (Contemporary fresco) at Galerie Serge in Moscow (from June, 23 to July, 23).

See the rest of the exhibition biogafii on my website!!!