Alice Desert

Alice Desert

Lisbon, oeiras, Portugal

About Alice Desert

​Alice Dersert draws her inspiration from the colors, shapes, lines and hues of the natural world and brings them to life through her colorful canvases. There are no imitations, just an infinite inspiration. She recreates her surroundings, striving to convey her own personal harmony and perfection. And solely her own, but ones which she hopes will mirror many other perfections, those of which others may feel an intense recognition for when viewing her paintings.


Beaux arts de Versailles
Atelier Bastille Paris
Cours du soir Beaux Arts de Montparnasse
Atelier Etrusque Perugia, Italie


2019 and 2020 Solo show at Praca Principe Real, Lisbon
2019 Participate at Homa, Lisbon ​
2019 Collective show, Caxias, Portugal
2019 Show at L'Insensé, Esplanades de la Comedie, Montpellier
2019 Show at Parisoma, SF
2018 Solo Show Cours Mirabeau, Aix-en-Provence
2013 - 2015 - 2018 Show at Etcetera Wine, Valencia street, SF
2018 Solo Show at Spark Arts Gallery, Castro, SF
2017 Solo Show at Institutes of curiosity, SF
2017 Show at 25 Lusk, SF
​2017 Collective show at Valencia Street, SF
2016 Show at Spark Arts Gallery, Castro, SF
2016 L'Apero, San Francisco
2015 Collectives Shows San Francisco Women artists, Irving Street, SF
2015 Show at blush!, Castro street, San Francisco
2014 Private show ‘art’s Moments’, San Francisco
2014 Exhibition to the French Consulate, San Francisco
2012 Alliance Française, San Francisco
2011 Collective Show Gallery of Beaux-Arts, Versailles
2010-2008 Divers Shows in Paris