I have always found the sea wonderful because of the strange illusion of the absence of a boundary between the air and the sea. At the horizon of the water & air seem one and I usually could not choose what it meant for me. It was the illusion of endlessness or a wall was standing in front of me. Contact with the sea element has shaped my life. I studied oceanography. It had an impact on the formation of my artistic language and it has ever been present in my artistic work. In addition, the music is my passion and an impulse for all work as a painter or a visual artist.
In my artistic practice, I prefer to trust spontaneity & intuition. The polarity between the spontaneity, on the one hand, and the precision on the other is the feature that characterizes my visual work. I am trying to create the images, which deepen the viewer's sensation of the natural environment, that is the energy and power that the Earth has. I never stop thinking about the meaning of the emotional union with the sensation of the earth, the sea, the sky. Does a human being need it? I do.
The experience of the ever-changing nature of the marine landscape has been for me as an introduction to the understanding of the nature of reality. Everything is temporary & fleeting: a human being, maybe, and The Earth, too.


PhD Candidate >>> Geoscience/
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Oceanography, Russia;
Institute of Art, New media, Poland;
National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, Painting & Graphics, Ukraine.