Alistair Mcclymont

Alistair Mcclymont

London, United Kingdom

About Alistair Mcclymont

My artwork is a continuing process of discovery and experimentation, ranging across a variety of materials and practices. Each piece follows the last in a continual journey of investigation into cultural and physical phenomena.

Recent work is underlined by a search for what it is to be human. This might be our position in time and space on a grand scale, or singular observations on subjects that fascinate me. Each piece takes a small subject area and breaks it down into something understandable and perhaps beautiful.

At times artworks take the form of direct demonstration, or experimentation: phenomena are removed from the world and reduced to their essence. At other times the artworks are formed by phenomena: the sculpture, or image is created by a process that is out of my control and the final work points to that process.

I let the concept dictate the materials and method: this has produced artworks ranging from large scale installations to iPhone applications, but underlying all the work is a deep concern for beauty and reason.


BA Fine art, Hull School of Art
MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art


Bifurcation Inflation installed at the Gibberd Garden permanent collection: