Almisfi Ta

Almisfi Ta

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

About Almisfi Ta

A self-taught artist whose works are requested from several countries through the gallery Vienna, Austria.

She paints both in several styles (abstract, portrait, expressionism, illustration, mythology, realism, sketch)
as well as supports (oil, acrylic, graphite) at the customer's request.
The creation of her paintings begins after reading meteology books, various revelations, her dreams, her hope and how she sees the world. Her paintings have positive energy, occultism and meaningful words. Ideas always come after new act of nature or past civilisations.

She believes that colors can redeem our souls and recover our broked hearts.


Before starting her career as an artist, she studied and worked for 13 years in economics at university level.


2021, Artbox Zurich 3.0, Switzerland