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Aurélie Tbd


About Aurélie Tbd

I’m a nature lover and painting is for me a way to show that beauty and emotions of landscapes, shapes colors throught my pencil and the way i feel it.
I work on different perspectives and purpose, often i cross my works to make an artwork who combine differents approchs.
Like i’m working on the subject of lines throught cartography. I try to integrate those minimalist shapes into different figurativ or abstract works (ink works, acrylic or oil).
Also i often work outside and i make figurative paintings with acrylic and oil. This way i improve my technic and i can enjoy the pleasure of working outside, with the sun, the lighting…
I also practice photography, and i use my personal photographies to work on photomanipulation with digital technics. I open the file of my paintings and photographies and i combine them.
So i could say that my work is constantly improving, changing, i work on several axes to get better on a technic, but i always go back to something where i do my own creations who combine all axes i like.
So i developped an oniric world of paintings with different mediums and combinations of them like pen, ink, oil, acrylic, paper and digital. My style is between abstraction, figurativ and surrealisme.
I followed scientific studies and landscape design.

I work in my studio in Bordeaux and my artworks are sent from this location.
If you need more information you can contact the currators or send me a message from my contact page
Enjoy your visit.


Biology and geology at faculty
Landscape architecture


* 2 digitals portraits printed on plexiglas, Salon de Printemps de Verrières le Buisson, France, 2020, coming (collective)
* 2 gravures Animaux rupestres et Echelles paradoxales exposées au salon d'hiver de Chatenay Malabry du 15 au 26 décembre 2020. Galerie virtuelle du 1 au 26 décembre.
*Feu d'artifice, salon Chatenay Malabry, septembre 2020
*Serie of watercolor portraits, La Source, Bordeaux, France, Mars 2020, in progress. (solo)
*Salon de printemps de Verrières le Buisson, France, Mars 2019 (collective)
*Salle capitulaire Mably, Juillet 2018 Bordeaux, France (collective)
*zigzag café, 2018 bordeaux, France (collective)
* * 6 ème prix agora des arts 2017 pour la mise en lumière de la gare Saint Jean.
* Salle capitulaire Mably, 2017 Bordeaux, (collective)
* Verdenero, Bordeaux, 2016 Bordeaux (solo)
* Pause retro, bordeaux, 2015 Bordeaux (solo)
* Verdenero, Bordeaux, 2014 Bordeaux (solo)