Amelia Corvino

Amelia Corvino

Venice, Veneto, Italy

About Amelia Corvino

My research develops from tension and duality. It is made of patterns, contrasts and overlays.

The works called “Contrappunti” comes out from some considerations on Dialogue.
As in music, the “counterpoint – contrappunto” is the art of relating and playing with different melodies, I work on the combination of different cultural traces. I try to build visual and conceptual conversations. A relationship between the patterns of the damask fabric and a geometrical motif of holy Islamic architecture. The West and the East meet and clash together, as it has always happened in the contamination of styles and in the history of people.

The works of "Milagros" represent the first step into a personal tale, involving places, people and memories. The Heart is a symbol shared by different peoples. Either as the expression of pure spirituality, simulacrum of pray or lucky charm, it has always conveyed the highest meaning of Love. My research aims at combining expressions of different cultures, signs of the same Mankind.

I am Amelia, the result of the encounter between two worlds: a Neapolitan, solar and optimistic father and a Mexican mother, a deep look and melancholic character.
Two souls that live in me in a fruitful alternation.
Born in 1975, I have a big brother and a double in my twin Cristina.
From Udine to Venice: first Art Institute, Academy of Fine Arts then. Scenography training, I have always been busy with forms, visuals, design.
In 2001, along with the person of my life, I established the advertising agency that also brings my name. It is not our only creature. Alma was born in 2011.
I would like to tell the story of my work through images.


Venice Academy of Fine Arts - Set Design


Arte Laguna Prize, 2019 - Winner "Business for Art" special prize Fraccaro Spumadoro - Venice, Italy