Agnieszka Maria Zieba

Agnieszka Maria Zieba

Wermelskirchen, NRW, Germany

About Agnieszka Maria Zieba

Agnieszka Maria Zieba was born in 1978 in Bochnia near Krakow, Poland.
Her works shows a conceptual form of photography with preferences for animals and a sence for nature, embedded in surreal worlds.

She transfers the viewer in a world, where nothing seems to be as it looks like. A pink cloud floats over giraffes, dogs covered with flower garment and embedded and melted with natural element into a complete unity.

Agnieszka Zieba shows us her world, a better world and leads our viewing habits to absurdity.

Her intention is: The snapshot of beauty - while maintaining a very reduced, elegant image composition - and especially the preservation of this beauty for the future.

Especially the photographic self-confidence by Agnieszka Zieba without moralizing, also creates in us as viewers a whole new consciousness. It brings us to throw on the pure aesthetics and adventure as well as the impartiality and experimentation of her pictures a changed view of the world and life.

And so is the trip in their dreamlike atmospheres, in which they, their paradise shows us their vision of the ideal coexistence of humans and animals, their longing country on earth, an appeal to our openness and our audacity, there to do the same.

It’s a motley, life-affirming thought.

Her pictures are currently exhibited in galleries in France, Germany, Swiss and Poland.


2012 - Kölner Design Akademie - Dipl. Kommunikation Design


Last Exhibitions:

2020 Discovery Art Fair Cologne / Virtual / Musnadi-Weskamp Gallery
2019 Musnadi-Weskamp Gallery / Group Exhibition / Elements
2019 EAT Eifeler Ateliertage / Internationale Kunstakademie Heimbach
2019 Musnadi-Weskamp Gallery / Solo Exhibition / About Flowers - Cologne
2017 Musnadi-Weskamp Gallery / Group Exhibition / Summer Vibes
2016 Eifeler AtelierTage
2016 Musnadi-Weskamp Gallery / Group Exhibition / Minimal Moments
2015 Museumsnacht Köln , Quartier am Hafen / Videoinstallation "Surveillance"
2014 Affordable ArtFair New York / Peach Editions / HKP Photographs
2014 JadeJune- Group Exhibition - Gallery Opening - Zug / Switzerland
2013 C.A.R Essen - Media Art Fair, Media Art Fair, Essen / Germany
2013 Enginyart - Art in Action - Art and Gender, Dusseldorf / Germany