Anastasia Eriksen

Anastasia Eriksen

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway

About Anastasia Eriksen

I have a Master's degree in law, but I've always liked to see the visual part of life, and I believe I see it my own way. My grandfather was professional artist, and I reckon I inherited his skills. He was more in to classic landscape painting, while I prefer figurative and abstract art. I came back to art quite late at a certain period in my life, so I can call myself an autodidact. The benefit of being an autodidact artist is the joy that comes from figuring things out by yourself. Instead of following somebody else’s template, I manage to explore art on my own terms.
I love finding inspiration in the world that surrounds me. I love looking at people around, landscapes, cityscapes, architecture and light.
I'm keen on studying human nature and emotions. Putting emotional breath into what I'm doing is what I've always missed when working as a lawyer. This explains why I came to art. Painting is able to give me freedom - I can imagine exactly how I feel at the moment, and then put it on canvas. Norway with its amazing diversity is a marvelous source of inspiration, starting from spectacular sunsets and nature and ending with beautiful people around.


Self-taught painter
Stockholm University