Andrea Edwards

Andrea Edwards

Sydney, NSW, Australia

About Andrea Edwards

Our precious earth informs my art - infinite and wonderful, delicate yet powerful. Impressions, intuition and the feeling of places in our natural world guide me.
I find I’m more inspired that ever to bring you beautiful, ambient artworks to be enjoyed - Andrea Edwards

Who in their right mind would choose to create original abstract art on canvas for sale? It just didn’t seem like a “sensible” option. A convergence of life events had me wondering and most uncharacteristically caring little about getting a definitive answer!

If this art business was a bug, I’d been bitten badly…. After some training in my early years, I was now revelling in being primarily self-taught and keeping on learning – with the freedom to discover and experiment fearlessly with mixed media, colour, texture, technique and form; to know the ways in which art could transform a space and mood.

Being in a state of flow as I paint was the icing on the cake. Inspiration arrives in a variety of ways and timings; with a rich flourishing feeling, abundant and sometimes full of detail, possibility and movement. Ideas emanate often from our precious and beautiful environment, infinite and wondrous, delicate yet powerful.
From jewel like hues of the coast, to muted, velvety tones of our bush landscape…. exciting to contemplate, exhilarating to paint.

Ambient, vibrant, uplifting and soothing, might describe my body of works so far. I seek to offer art for people to enjoy in the spaces they habitate.

Some of the specific ways in which I love to paint: I am drawn to paint expressive, textural abstracts with loose gestural brush work and mark making with a botanical theme. Textural more minimalistic works incorporating flowing and organic pattern and effects and finally contemporary sea and landscapes, rustic and expressive in approach!

My sold works are in a number of private collections in Australia and now internationally. All my art works are individually created with care and are marked to signify authenticity. An amount from all my art sales is donated toward charitable causes.

Residential, corporate, commercial, commissions welcome.

Kindest regards
Andrea Edwards


2021 - FINALIST Australian Art Prize, Art Lovers Australia.

2020 - Selected as an 'Artist Of Crown'. Inclusion in hardcover publication to follow.

2019 - Television - Channel 9, THE BLOCK series. Selected feature artwork by WINNERS (Tess and Luke)

2019 - Grand Designs Magazine Australia - Featured artist with "Kimberley" original artwork inspired by the Australian landscape.

2019 - Pittwater Life Magazine - Featured with Artist story and image of "Pretty Place" original artwork chosen by winners of THE BLOCK television series.

2017 - MBID International, Your Favorite Place Magazine (featured as a winner with artwork and story)

2018 - Home Design Magazine, Collectors Edition, (featured artwork)

2018 - Australian Art Prize - Art Lovers Australia - Nominee

2018 - Saatchi Art Collection - Featured within

2018 - Art Lovers Australia - (Group feature publication)

2019 - Complete Home, Colour Psychology featured artwork.


2016 - Mixed Palette, (group show) Sydney

2016 - Extraordinary Everyday (double solo) Sydney

2018 - Art @ Avalon (group show) Sydney

2018 - Extraordinary Everyday II, (SOLO show) Sydney

2019 - Art @ Avalon (group show) Sydney

2019 - ICONIC (group show) Space Gallery, Sydney