Andreas Papanastasiu

Andreas Papanastasiu

London, United Kingdom

About Andreas Papanastasiu

My practice is in synch with my preoccupation about the nature of art and my ever existing fascination about AI. Being drawn to minimalism and abstraction, my work is a study on the line, the human condition and the unknown. Actively seeking to strip myself down from the need to control, I follow my hand which inevitably works bound to human imperfection. Ultimately, 'error' becomes my medium. Allowing it to happen, watching it unfold, celebrating it, giving it the chance to unveil what lies beyond representation.


MA Art & Design, University of Luton, UK

BA Communication & Media, University of Athens, Greece


Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK
The Art Below Summer Show, Herrick Gallery, London, UK
Wonderer - Platforms Project, Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece
Environmental Project, Dual Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Give a Gift/Get a Gift, Olivepress Art Factory, Chania, Greece

Sexplosion, Booze Cooperativa, Athens, Greece
Permanent Collection I, Olivepress Art Factory, Chania, Greece

MiniArtVideoFest, Duna Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
Art & Technology: Man & Machine, Olivepress Art Factory, Chania, Greece
Rooms To Let, The Art Foundation, Athens, Greece

AIR Budapest, Ferencvarosi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

ARTmART, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria
The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition – Collective Exhibition, Agora Gallery, NY, USA
International Artists Residency closing exhibition, Mucius Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
UAMO Art Festival, Kunstarkaden, Munich, Germany

Cheapart 13, Gallery, Athens, Greece
Open Exhibition, Cafe Gallery, London, UK
Art Below, Victoria Tube station, London, UK

Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK
Mayday Flags, London Biennale 2006, Tower Bridge, London, UK

Meanwhile, Hat Factory Gallery, Luton, UK