Andreea Zecheru

Andreea Zecheru

Hamburg, Germany

About Andreea Zecheru

Andreea Zecheru is a visual artist based in Hamburg, Germany.

Her abstract paintings were influenced by the Abstract Expressionism (especially by Jackson Pollock & Action Painting).
Andreea is a spontaneous painter, striving to translate on canvas every lasting impression created by personal interaction, emotions, urban street life, nature and music.
But, from all inspiration sources, music has the deepest impact on Andreea's work.
Every single artwork has a special connection to a certain musical piece and music in the creative process is a mandatory. Music touches the soul and translating those emerging emotions on canvas is Andreeas main focus. Her works can therefore be soft, wild, raw, bright or dark, every and each one of them striving to be an accurate reflection of a special song and the feelings it conveys.

Since 2019, Andreea Zecheru is also an art gallery owner. Find more about the gallery Contemporary on and on Instagram.

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Self-taught artist since 2008

Marketing & Advertising degree in Hamburg, 2008

Bachelor in Law, Bucharest, 2000


Art Innsbruck
17th - 20th January 2019

Arte Genova
15th - 18th February 2019

Contemporary Art Fair Paris
11th - 14th April 2019


Yearly solo and group exhibitions, various contemporary art fairs.