Angela Terzieva

Angela Terzieva

Sliven, East Europe, Bulgaria

About Angela Terzieva

I like the freedom of oil technique and the expressive approach to the process of transformation. That's the reason to express myself by means of painting.
The main provocateur of ideas for me are the constantly changing urban environment and people, with their erratic appearance. Much of the visible world around us is the trace, that one leaves behind. My aspirations in art are related to the capture of this trail that becomes the soul of objects or a sideline gap, bringing its independence. The constant conflict between the environment and individuals raises deepening perceptions, and everyday life is often associated with the gray and boredom, but it's precisely what catalyzes the energy of the day and life. The look at people's faces rouses my curiousity most of all, each one monitoring life by its own tower, taken personal care and passion as the only road guide. The eyes are staring blindly into one-self, and the mask, literally and figuratively, transforms in a way of life that has been imposed to us and without which no longer can do.


2006 National Art School for Applied Arts “Dimiter Dobrovich”, Sliven, Bulgaria
2010 National Academy of Arts – Sofia, Bulgaria
Graduated as Bachelor in Fine Arts
2012 National Academy of Arts- Sofia, Bulgaria
Graduated as Master in Fine Arts


Solo exhibitions:
2015 - Total Body, Yuzina Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2013 – Yordan Kyuvliev Painting Gallery- Sliven town, Bulgaria
Group exhibitions:
2015 - 6th Annual Award for Painting of Edmond Demirdjian Foundation, Rakursi Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015 - Caution: Wet Paint!, Sofia City Art Gallery, Bulgaria
2015 - Collective exhibition by the finalists in the Contemporary Bulgarian Art Competition, Nuance Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2014 - Assembly of Shame, MOZEI, Sofia, Bulgaria
2014 – What Happened?, Galley of UBA "Shipka" 6, Sofia, Bulgaria
2014 – 6th Landscape National Exhibition, Vidin, Bulgaria
2014 - OSTEN BIENNIAL OF DRAWING, 42th World Gallery of Drawing – Skopje
2013 - Utopia – at Glossary Depot- Sofia, Bulgaria
2013 – Painting, Sculpture and Graphics National Awards of Alianz Bulgaria,
at Sirak Skitnik Exhibition Hall, Sliven, Bulgaria
2013 – Bourgas, Yambol, Sliven (BYaS) Regional Exhibition, at George Papazov Gallery,
Yambol town, Bulgaria
2012 - Khlyab (Bread), on the project Idea of Home, at 6, Shipka str. Exhibition
Hall of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA)
2012 – Exhibition of the members of UBA at 6, Shipka str., Sofia, at UBA Exhibition Hall
2012 – Generations, Dimitar Dobrovitch Gallery, Sliven
2011 – From the Heart and Other Materials- Sculpture and Painting Exhibition,
at the main building of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia
2010 – Meeting- Sculpture and Painting Exhibition, at Miniproekt, Sofia
2009 – Landscape – Agora Art Gallery, Sliven
2008 – 110th anniversary of Dobri Dobrev’ birth, at Debut Gallery, Sofia
2008 – Autumn Saloon – Sliven artists’ exhibition, Sirak Skitnik Exhibition hall, Sliven
2008 – The Unknown Portrait - Agora Art Gallery, Sliven, Bulgaria
2006 - Exhibition in the town of Gera, Germany
2014 - Plein air in Pomorie town, Bulgaria
2013 - Plein air in the village of Itchera, Sliven region, Bulgaria
2009 – Plein air and exhibition in the village of Kabile / Yambol town, Bulgaria
2002 – International plein air and exhibition in the town of Gera - Germany