Ángel Rivas

Ángel Rivas

Córdoba, Andalucía, Spain

About Ángel Rivas

I was born and reside in Córdoba where I invite you to come and visit my studio.
Córdoba in the south of Spain is a city in the first place in the world, together with Rome and Paris in terms of UNESCO heritage.

I am a vegan convinced that it is a way of life more healthy, loving and harmonious, so I try to share a message of respect to nature through my series of "love wild nature". I do not find meaning in art if it does not help raise people's consciousness

I try to convey the happiness of the miracle of life, with bright colors and used in an expressive and innocent way. I like to try to create paintings in which people can relax their eyes, creating a space of mental emptiness to relax the mind and smile from within.
Innocence, simplicity, spontaneity, happiness, sharing ...

But I also have a past of art brut and sometimes I have fun making faces and characters that seem from other worlds

This link is from a video where you can see my studio and see me creating one of my art works_

My best wishes to all