Angie Payne

Angie Payne

Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

About Angie Payne

My art is undiscovered in this wonderful art community but as its said I can always dream and be seen and my art appreciated. So, I hope you enjoy looking at my drawings and sketches.
I have favorite places I work and the garden is one. These gardens are truly beautiful a stroll through here leaves you feeling very peaceful and at one with the splendors of nature. The colors are so beautiful and there are different themed gardens.
I enjoy my own company the most. I'm relaxed, don't have to worry about anything, it's just really easy. I also enjoy the company of a few select friends, and of course my boyfriend, but sometimes being alone just really hits the spot. Me time!
And I work also on playgrounds amongst wonderful trees and lawns watching young people play baseball, and on the hottest summer days. Playgrounds provide exciting learning opportunities that build a child’s self-confidence and let their creativity flourish. Outdoor play allows the children in me to explore and interact with their world, all while getting much-needed fresh air and physical activity.
And I love my room in the center of Tagaytay city. I like the sounds of sirens and honking, the driving rain of cars, laughter and yells on the promenade, and no matter how late I can see city stars, dim and yellow windows of light. Rare I may be, but alone I am not!
I have projects that are ongoing and will continuously be adding new work as it is completed.

If you have comments or interest in my undiscovered art, please contact me at Thank you very much.


PhD in IT (Candidate)


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