Jitka Anlaufova

Jitka Anlaufova

Prague, Czech Republic

About Jitka Anlaufova

Landscape, or let us say nature, is the main source of my inspiration. I try to look for optimal stylized forms of plants and flowers in my paintings. In large-scale painting, I organize geometrical forms into a new romantic and dreamy order. I would like to reveal and show beauty and harmony in my painted visions.
The painter Jitka Anlaufová was born in Czech Republic. She´s been living and working in Prague. Jitka often uses mediums such as watercolour paint and ink on paper or acrylic colors on canvas. With multiple layers, soft colours and stylized forms, her abstract works are inspired by colours and shapes seen in the nature, bringing to mind other magical worlds.


Study at The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague 1986-1992. Since 1990 solo and group exhibition in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, England, USA. Since 1992 freelance artist. International Art Symposium in France, Austria, Czech Republic.Scholarship in Russia, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. Participation in the international public site works in Czech Republic and USA. Works in Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art of The National Gallery in Prague and in private collections.


2019 Bizarre Flowers, U Prstenu Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2018 Bizarre Flowers, Viola Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic
2017 Water Level and Horizon, U Prstenu Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2016 The Myth of Nature, Palladium Offices, Prague, Czech Republic
2015 "GEO-METRI-CALL", White Case, Prague, Czech Republic
2015 Orange Dream, SaSaZu restaurant, Prague, Czech Republic
2014 From Elsewhere, U Prstenu Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2013 Places, Frantisek Drtikol Gallery, Pribram, Czech Republic
2013 Simple Beauty, Mala Sarka Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2013 Places, U Prstenu Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2011 White Flowers, Templ Gallery, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic
2009 Black and White Golden Town, Topicuv salon, Prague, Czech Republic
2008 Deep Mystique of Tao, The Lidice Gallery, Lidice, Czech Republic
2007 Autumn..., The Highland Theatre Gallery, Jihlava, Czech Republic
2006 Viola Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic
2006 Allied..., Jana&Milan Jelinek Foundation, NG Prague, Czech Republic
2005 Interspace, Atrium in Zizkov Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2005 ...on paper, Jan Smok Gallery, SUSG, Jihlava, Czech Republic
2004 Places, XXL Gallery, Louny, Czech Republic
2004 In a space, Sternberk Gallery, Sternberk, Czech Republic
2001 VIA ART Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
1999 Conjunction, Jelinek Foundation, Manes, Prague, Czech Republic
1999 Nova Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
1997 VIA ART Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
1995 Dominion Dum, Art Attack public site work at Arlington, Virginia, USA
1994 ART Line Gallery, den Haag, with prof. F. Hodonsky, The Netherlands
1993 Dum na Budankach, Art Attack public site work, Prague, Czech Republic