Anna Louise Simpson

Anna Louise Simpson

Edinburgh, Lothian, United Kingdom

About Anna Louise Simpson

“Miss Simpson creates arcane iconography to redeem your soul from a recidivist consumer culture”

C.C. O’Hanlon

Anna Louise Simpson is a self-taught artist with a studio in Edinburgh. Anna Louise grew up watching vintage movies and drawing from fashion magazines and books.

Drawing on influences such as Kippenberger and Rauschenberg, Anna Louise uses found items such as billposters and magazines to build up a textured mixed media surface, in order to explore themes of confused popular culture.

Layering her work with power and fragility; tales of passion and desire are exposed. At times, these stories are gentle whispers, at other times, they are loud and brash graffiti. Fragmented portraits hidden in urban landscapes reveal an honesty and broken reality; a mixed up version of the popular culture that submerges us all.

Exploring the rips of popular culture and society's vulnerability, Anna Louise produces images of dystopic fragility...’a keeper of fragile things’.


Self taught


Edinburgh Art Fair - November 2018


Solo Open Studio - Oct 2016
Digital Art Exhibition - Berlin Art Week 2019
Digital Art - Art Basel Miami 2019 - Bitcoin Center