Anna Poerio

Anna Poerio

Teverola (Caserta) , Campania, Italy

About Anna Poerio

Born in Naples in 1964Painter and essayistFounder and President of "Alessandro Poerio" Cultural AssociationAnna Poerio lives in Teverola (Caserta)- ItalyAnna Poerio's paintings are based on the harmonic gracefulness of movement. According to Anna Poerio, Art is a sublime manifestation and a masterpiece is the outcome of a severe work.Her figuration is extremely intimate, rich of real values and deep analysis where meaningful aspects of form and content coexist.The suggestive themes of inwardness portray, with realism, light and seductive figures that dance spontaneously in a delicate scenary, where flowers bloom harmoniously in a dreamy atmosphere. Human body blends not only with nature, but also with the whole universe. The sinuosity of dancing bodies conveys messages of beauty and harmony. It is a sort of spiritual elevation and at the same time a means to estabilish a contact with other beings, an ideal embrace with humanity. Technical ability, structural meticulousness and rigorous chromatic layout reveal an original,autonomous and refined style. The strong communication and the great representative ability mix with an artistic validity from which visible talent emerges.


Degree in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures


Naples, Army Officers Club, April 2004
Sirmione, Olivi Hotel, May 2004
Cesenatico, New Bristol Hotel,July 2004
Cesenatico, Miramare Hotel, August 2004
Turin, La Telaccia Art Gallery , October 2004 Sanremo, XII International Festival of Contemporary Art, October 2004
Padova, Padova Art Fair, November 2004
Amalfi, Amalfi Award, December 2004
Sant'Agata de Goti(Bn), January 2005
Caserta, Sant'Agostino Social and Cultural Centre, February 2005
Sanremo, 10th International Art Exhibition, Villa Ormon, March 2005
Rimini, Riccione, Cesenatico, Fano, Grazzano Visconti, Arte in Riviera Tour Exposition, April 2005
Copenaghen, International Caluma Art Center, May 2005
Capri,Arte Capri,Congress Palace,August 2005 Roma,Crispi Gallery, 2006
Taverna Civic Museum,2006
Belcastro, Poerio Palace, 2007
Capri, Galleria Anacapri,August 2007
Naples, Saint Severo a Pendino Church,2009
London,The Brick Lane Gallery, February 2010 Milan, Galleria Famiglia Margini, 2012
Naples,Istituto Banco di Napoli Fondazione,2012
Naples, Castel Capuano, December 2013
Palermo, Mostra collettiva Porto Franco, a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi, July 2014
Venezia,Palazzo Ivancich, Spoleto Arte incontra Venezia, a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi, October 2014
Naples, Circolo Rari Nantes, November 2015
Naples, Maschio Angioino, Torre del Beverello," Non gir vagando intorno, o Fantasia. Omaggio alle poesie di Alessandro Poerio", January 2016
London, Chelsea Old Town Hall, Parallax Art Fair, 24-26 February 2017
Salerno, Premio Arte Salerno 2017 - (Premio “Vittorio Sgarbi – La Selezione), June 2017
Cava de' Tirreni, Magister Artis, Complesso Monumentale di San Giovanni Battista, December 2017
Cava de' Tirreni, Biennale Internazionale del Tirreno, Complesso Monumentale di San Giovanni Battista, June 2018
Naples, Creativity unbound, Mostra Internazionale d’Arte, bi-personale di Anna Poerio e Steve Lyons, Complesso Monumentale di Santa Maria la Nova, 20 October - 30 November 2018
Venezia, Torre Civica di Mestre, 27 ottobre – 3 November 2018.
Montesarchio (BN), “M’illumino d’immenso”, Passeggiatoio delle Clarisse, 18 May - 5 July 2020