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I was born in Bamberg Germany and have lived in the United States and London.Throughout my life I have always painted and been involved in the creative aspect of my work. My inspiration comes from colours and shapes that exists all around me. I love strong colours. The medium I use varies from oil to watercolours to acrylic. At the moment, I am very much inspired by the abstract form of painting.


For many years now, I have focused solely on my art. Although I have taken a number of art classes/courses at various stages of my life, I consider myself very much a self-taught artist.Recently, I have started to exhibit my art. In 2007, one of my original abstract pieces of work, "Galaxy Ice", was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in Londo ,


Future Shows: Press Release17.08.09Star TravelBetween Berlin, LA and London, Dorothea Schilling has worked out her niche Paintings that breathe colour with a pulse of energy. Her solo exhibition Star Travel is exhibited at The Gallery @ TeaSmith in Spitalfields for public view from 18 Aug 14 Sept, 09.Dramatic in forms, colour and vibe, the exhibition Star Travel is a selection of six paintings from the Starlight series. A perceptive collection, as Dorothea describes it, the paintings show you more depending on your squint, stance or light.Dorothea believes in energy that never dies. Curious to discover the unknown, she painted the Starlight series on losing a loved one. She tries to leash the universe, as humanly possible. The stars with their energy and colour, the different stands they take, to perceive them as you wish them to be.A leap of faith, a hint of shimmer and hope for the future. As stars can be.Dates: 18Aug- 14 Sept, 09Address: TeaSmith 6 Lamb Street London E1 6EATube: Liverpool StreetPrices: FreeOpening Hours: 7 days, 11am - 6 pmFor further information contact:Mary Georgem: 07515699982e: marygeorge@live.comw:


Rhythm Factory 2006 / Royal Academy of Art London 2007 / Tea Smith 2007 / Chelsea Art Fair 2008 / Birmingham NIC 2009 / Loughton Council 2010 / Leytonstone Arts Trail 2011 / When the Walls come Down 2012 / Ruby Hoxton 2012
Ruby Hoxton 2013 / Radlett Art Centre 2013 / Parallax October 2013 Ruby Hoxton 2014 current