Annette Schmucker

Annette Schmucker

Aulendorf, Germany, Germany

About Annette Schmucker

Annette is an artist living and working in southern Germany near lake constance.
She discovered her love for art from an early age.
Her inspiration is drawn from color, shape, proportion and mostly from light.
She highly values oil paintings because it gives her a huge variety of technical means for creating a picture in which she can express everything she wants. The theme of her art can be everything, but her essential intention is to bring out light and width and expanse, at last a feeling of freedom. Her style of painting changes between controlled and experimental, using the traditional oil technique as well as the mixture oil and acrylic color.


self taught artist


Atelier und Galerie Annette Schmucker, Mozartstraße 30, D-88326 Aulendorf, Germany.
Opened Friday 15.00 - 18.00 or call 0049-7525-911577