Ann Abel Iseux

Ann Abel Iseux

, France

About Ann Abel Iseux

French artist born in the 70s.
Portraits. Landscapes. Animals -

--> Portraits : Trying to depict expression, a deep sight... 'un certain regard'. Working gesture of brush, contrasts of light and colors. As example, Portrait of rugby men after a tough play. Injured. Personality makes a rugby man despite physical pain. Psychological qualities. Expression and emotion. Colored lines of background to enhance deep contrasts of light and vibrations and movement. Underlying background (abstract parts) serving as fragment, unfinished impression, instantaneous effects. (And use of background as underlying color of skin). Emotion of an expressive pose. Injured face, tough play but stay proud. Visible and energic brush gesture together with contrasted colors. To render the intensity of rugby, an energic, forceful sport for strong personalities. Dramatic impetuosity. (Expression du temperament). Introspection and personality make a portrait.
Series of beardy men through characters like cow-boys, the adventurous one, the mature one, the theatrical one ...

--> Nature : Themes based on the observation and impressions of nature such as various reflections on water or sights of sparkling leaves through colored rays of light : to borrow intensity from chromatic values and to render them very stimulating by portraying the reality of a vision which is made of the brightness of light ; to exalt colors and vivid contrasts. Such motives define my paintings as value of expression rather than representation. - My work is based on the connection of nature and design: geometry, light and stylised forms trying to capture the essence of the scene, to approach visual realities through exalted contrasts and the research for luminous composed colors. The paintings also tries to respond to fugitive movements of lights. Lines no longer serve to describe shapes but exist as an autonomous event expressed by the dynamic movements of the artist's brush. The uncertain border of representation catches with a fugitive movement of light to give the paintings their vibrance and timeless qualities.
- Living in countryside deeply influences my work, not only concerning choices of subjects but also the use of paint's matter itself. The soil is rich, creamy and fresh; it is generous and variously green all over the seasons. Autumn reflects deep oranges, raw sienna and yellow ochres while in spring a multitude of sap greens, olive and luminescent acid greens burst of the trees.
- A minimalist research brings the paintings closer to abstraction abandoning a referent for inner color properties. I like to explore the technique in many stylistic ways from liquid drippings keeping a free gesture to modulated thickness applied with brushes or large palette knives. Easy and energetic handiness of different applications give to colors more dynamic properties and various visual impressions. -

--> Paysages/ Du figuré à l'abstrait :
Sublimer la beauté naturelle du paysage, la monumentalité des montagnes, l'harmonie des couleurs. MONTAGNES :
L'horizon, placé en haut du tableau, confère plus d'espace au plan d'eau et accentue l'impression de profondeur et d'espace infini. La composition est réduite à l'essentielle par une prédominance du vide sur la forme, des vibrations chromatiques sur la ligne. De la représentation des montagnes, et grâce au jeu des miroirs et à la correspondance des couleurs, on tend à une unité formelle abstraite. S'approcher de l'essence de la peinture par des aplats de couleurs denses. Le sujet montagnes/lac inspire l'équilibre, la perfection et la sérénité. La surface chromatique et lumineuse remplit l'atmosphère d'une clarté
éblouissante exaltant une nature grandiose et épurée. Elle invite à se fondre au paysage, à plonger dans la splendeur et la plénitude de la nature.


B.A of Philosophy (King's College, London).
M.A + M.Phil of History of Art (on Antoine-Louis Barye. Theodore Gericault. University Paris1. Pantheon-Sorbonne. Institut d'Art et d'Archéologie.)
Ateliers des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Montparnasse.


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France, Paris, Burgundy, Barcelona, Bruxelles, China, Japan.
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