Anne Donlin

Anne Donlin

Kriens, LU, Switzerland

About Anne Donlin

When I am painting, I am happy. When I am happy, I paint. I like to create contrast in my art and in the minds of viewers. My paintings, primarily oil on canvas are founded in realism, however I like to juxtapose three dimensional figures against flat patterned backgrounds, allowing for a puzzling contrast of the subject and its surroundings. The focal point is often larger than life and posed abstrusely on the canvas to create a regal sense of importance for an otherwise commonplace existence. In my paintings, the subject, who may often be overlooked in real life, takes center stage. As a result, the ordinary becomes imperial, movement becomes static, and the observer becomes the observed. I hope to provide new perspectives through my art.

My studio space is in a converted infirmary at the foot of the Alps in Lucerne, Switzerland, where I share the creative process with other artists. If you ever find yourself in the area, stop by the studio—the doors are always open!


University of Illinois - Champaign Urbana
BS Communications
Fine Art Minor

Columbia College Chicago
Graphic Design


Art 333, Au Wädenswil, Switzerland


2015-present Hüslernest Kriens, Switzerland
2017 Wauw Festival der Sinne, Lucerne Switzerland
2019 Kingsley & Ginnodo, Arlington Heights, Illinois USA
2020 Art 333 Au, Switzerland