Ann Petushynska

Ann Petushynska

Kiev, Ukraine

About Ann Petushynska

I was born in artist's family. 1993 - in Poltava ( Ukraine).Live/work/study in Kiev ( Ukraine).
I am constantly trying to find myself in my creative activity. This search I consider as my life purpose. Therefore as long as I am searching, I am living. My works of art are sort of syntheses of my inner and outer world. They are result of eternal discovery of the world on one hand, and of my soul on the other. Working on a piece, I am following my feelings, not styles or technics. At the same time, I am trying to give it both emotions and meaning. It is my way to tell people what others cannot see, what others cannot imagine. It is my way to show the world I live in.


National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture , National Technical University of Yuriy Kondratyuk.