Antonio Saporito

Antonio Saporito

Torino, Piedmont, Italy

About Antonio Saporito

Contemporary italian artist Antonio Saporito, live in Turin, Italy. His artistic training is influenced by the modern and contemporary figurative art of the 60s by and the masters of Italian Arte Povera.
The meeting with Lucio Fontana was particularly significant. The reflection on his work, particularly mark the development of the artistic research of Antonio Saporito.
The geometric spatialism is the Saporito's original research. Strongly anchored to material, this one, cut, shaped and perforated with surgical and geometric rigor, represents the synthesis of Saporito's art.
Steel, aluminum, copper and lead are wisely transformed into labyrinths of carved signs to reveal the beyond there is behind the material. The rigor and the essence that characterize his works become elements to transcend reality, to look and scan what exists behind the appearance, in the continuous search of the unknowable, of the future, of the unreachable mystery of man.


Today Antonio Saporito can boast the recognition attributed to him. Many exhibitions in Italy and in the world: museums, foundations, Italian Cultural Institutes, Artissima and more. Many reviews of best italian art critics. His indisputable artistic personality has been highlighted by famous contemporary italian art critics like Paolo Levi, Gian Giorgio Massara, Vittorio Sgarbi, Angelo Mistrangelo, Guido Folco, Luciano Carini, Massimo Centini, Giulia Silato.


Umm Al Quwain Cultural Center
From 19th February 2020 until 23rd February 2020
Selected by an expert international jury in which in addition to the Italian technicians there are those of the Artissima Art Gallery in Dubai, Antonio Saporito will take part to this Dubai art exhibition event with some artwork of his spatial art, architectural and structural abstract metal shapes with perforations, cuts and various materials collages.

04 – 07/04/2019 Grand Palais, Paris, diploma of merit.

21/11/2018 installation of the imposing spatial sculpture “Planet Mars" (Il Pianeta Marte), placed in Parco Italia, near the Meier Bridge in Alessandria.

9 – 23/09/2018 Palazzo Abrizzi Capello, Venice, CONTEMPORARY VENICE ART'S LIGHTS AND COLORS, collective exhibition.


SPATIAL GEOMETRIC ABSTRACTION, 4/07 – 04/08 2019 Solo art exhibition in Alessandria, Museum Cuttica Palace
A great emotion for Alessandria town, after the installation of the big spatial sculpture Planet Mars, "Il Pianeta Marte", located near Meier Bridge in Alessandria.
With the sponsorship of Cassa di Risparmio Alessandria Foundation and the City of Alessandria, this important solo art exhibition has presented some of the most significant artworks from the last period of Antonio Saporito's artistic career.
These are artworks that refer essentially to geometric space art, a recurring theme in the artistic curriculum of this contemporary, innovative and multifaceted abstract sculptor and painter, active in Turin since the 1970s