Anton Terziev

Anton Terziev

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

About Anton Terziev

My inspiration has always come to me one of two ways: eight it happens to me, or I imagine it. Every iteration of my art has the subtle garinish of pop-culture taken out of movies and books. Every piece has a plot and metatext without being too noisy - I think that good art whispers, but never shouts. I always strive to leave my audience with the sense of an open ending. The title is always the hardest part and sometimes I cheat by citing books, movies or songs.My career as a painter is strongly tangled with the one I have as a writer. My ideas come to life in the form of paintings or art objects. I also have experience performing, filming, painting and design.


Graduated from the National Art Academy of Sofia, specializing MA in Ceramics, but has since developed a practice that includes painting, performance and video.


Shifting Layers, group exhibition at Sofia City Art Gallery. Dec 13. 2017 - Feb 04. 2018
HIDDEN GAMES - The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia, 2017
IN THE LABELLING GAP, 05 April 2016 - 08 May, Sofia City Art Gallery, 2016
Focus Bulgaria, Marx Halle, viennacontemporary, 2015


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