Eugene Soloviev

Eugene Soloviev

Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

About Eugene Soloviev

Eugene Soloviev (aka apachennov) is a creative digital graphic designer and illustrator from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. Specializes in photo manipulation, surrealism and graphic design.
His creations have been commissioned by publishing houses, music labels and various world-class companies, from Sony to the Taiwanese High Tech Computer Corporation, from the Universal Music Group to Wired, passing from Rizzoli and all, was born for leisure in the spring of 2006.
Originally from Nizhny Novgorod, a city in central European Russia, at the age of sixteen, Soloviev began to listen and indulge in fantasy by taking photographs of whatever aroused her and then, drawing inspiration, began to create impossible landscapes and situations by combining contrasting subjects and circumstances through Photoshop. Having no bases given by training courses, to get the information that would allow him to concertize the sources, ideas asked the knowledge of the web and with experience, to the Adobe image processing software, added Corel Painter, Illustrator and Cinema 4D.

- “Psychological project. The observer must position himself within the images, replace the subject, I do not create chasing only aesthetics, I try to bring the viewer to reflection.”

Eugene Soloviev developed his own expressiveness, painting emotions and visions in poetic universes devoid of gravity, delicate abstract landscapes, surreal and with the multiplication of the works, the desire to refer to the judgment of an audience that was no longer made up only of friends and relatives rose. and unfailingly, the Russian began to exhibit them in the boundless network tunnel. The consent of the users quickly arrived and with it the first purchase requests, requests for collaboration from other artists and in 2012, the call of Interscope Records to invent the cover of the album Night Visions with which the indie rock group American Imagine Dragons would have made its debut and immediately reached consecration with over 2 million copies sold only in the United States and hundreds of thousands more in the rest of the world, from Europe to Oceania, conquering gold and platinum records in Brazil, Germany and New Zealand.



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