Andrea Patrie

Andrea Patrie

Huntington Beach, CA, United States

About Andrea Patrie

Navigating the many roles I play as a Mother, a homemaker, an educator, and a woman informs my every move as an artist. Issues related to identity and ambiguity are paired with moments of calm and organic chaos. These interaction are supported by physical responses to materials. The act of pulling off paint, sanding down surfaces and constructing both two and three dimensional forms drives my process. Working this way provides great satisfaction in that each time a material is taken away, it leaves behind an inescapable residue of the former. To me this is similar to how life unfolds. Shifts in ideas, textures, colors, all interplay, lead me down a path I could never anticipate.
Although I consider myself a painter’s painter, working across disciplines allows me to adapt and change. It forces me to reinvent, and reimagine how and what I am trying to say within each piece. I think the greatest factor that inform my work is physical responses to the materials I use, whether that be paint or sculptural forms, each surface holds a tension that rests between violence and protection. I find working this way yields countless opportunities for resurrection, revelation and renewal. Other aspects that relate to physicality is my repose to paint and how I have aligned my work with the figurative tradition.
My work is very much about the physical process that encompasses making something tangible. Holding onto my family, loving my kids, protecting them from the violence that is the world around is my role. My paintings and sculptures are my way of making sense of the uncertainty that is life. Navigating my life as a single mother and an artist has fueled each and every move of this show. With each piece there is a sustained effort to hold on to my babies and keep them safe.


MFA - California State University Fullerton, Dec. 2017.
BFA - California State University Long Beach, May 2000.
2016 Office of Graduate Studies Scholarship
2015 Recipient of Leo Freedman Fellowship for Painting
2015 Fine Arts Affiliate Scholarship
2014 Fine Arts Affiliate Scholarship
2000 Presidents Scholarship



2018 -The Sewing Circle-Feminine Narratives: Group Exhibition, Seaver Gallery Marlborough School, Los Angeles, CA

2018- SHē: Group Exhibition, Launch LA Galley, Los Angeles, CA

2018 - In Front of A Drity Double Mirror They Found Me:
Solo Exhibition Fourth Element Gallery, Santa Ana, CA

2018- Transpose: Group Exhibition East Side International, Los Angeles, CA

2018- Chaos and Order: Group Exhibition: Hibbleton Gallery, Fullerton, CA

2017- DNA Thesis Exhibition -
Leo Freedman Gallery CSU Fullerton, CA

2017- Her Intuition: Group Exhibition, Brainworks Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2017- GLAMFA: Jurried Group Exhibition, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA,

2016- SOCAL MFA: Juried Group Exhibition
Millard Sheets Art Center, Pomona, CA,

2016- Call and Response: - Group Exhibition
California State University Fullerton, Long Beach, Northridge in conjunction with UAM @ CSULB

2014- Resident Artist -Art Exchange in Long Beach, CA

2014 - Figuration: Group Exhibition, Croatian Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA

2014 - Art Without Boarders: Juried Group Exhibition, Croatian Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA

2014 - Art Exchange Holiday Salon: Juried Group Exhibition, Long Beach CA

2013- Art Exchange Holiday Salon: Juried Group Exhibition, Long Beach CA

2012 - Small Jewels: Royal Cup Cafe, Solo Show, Long Beach, CA

2007 - Self Perceptions: Juried Group Exhibition, OCCCA, Santa Ana, CA

2006 - Pink Weed: Solo Exhibition, Livewire Cafe, Paia, HI

2005 - Art Maui: Juried Group Exhibition, Maui Cultural Center, Kahului, HI

2003 - Artistic Edge (Solo Exhibition)
Long Beach, CA

2000 - University Art Museum- (Juried Exhibition)
Long Beach, CA