Āris Smildzers

Āris Smildzers

Riga, Europe, Latvia

About Āris Smildzers

Āris Smildzers' works bring together principles of classical sculpture with contemporary processing techniques and combinations of materials. The chosen material is not merely a technical solution but rather the means of expression. Materials including granite, aluminium, bronze, acrylic, glass and wood have been used in making the works.


Āris Smildzers was born in 1962 in Riga, in 1992 he graduated from the Department of Sculpture of the Art Academy of Latvia, since 1996 he is a member of the Artists' Union of Latvia, and since 2008 - member of the Latvian Designer's Society. His works are held in museums and private collections in Latvia, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria.


From 1988 to 2002 has taken part in 23 group exhibitions, among them:

1995 - Latvian art in Morfi Gallery - Limassol, Cyprus (catalogue);
1996 - International sculpture Quadrennial Cross-Roads in art museum Arsenāls - Riga, Latvia (catalogue);
2000 - Exhibition of Baltic artists in National Art Club - New York, USA (catalogue)

From 1993 to 2017 he has organized 10 solo exhibitions:

1993 - Gallery Stalla - Riga, Latvia;
1993 - One Man Show in gallery Stalla - Riga, Latvia;
1995 - Gallery Laipa - Valmiera, Latvia;
1995 - Pearl Hunter [Pērļu zvejnieks] in gallery Daugava - Riga, Latvia;
1998 - 8.88 m3 in Riga Gallery - Riga, Latvia;
1999 - Noughts and Crosses on the Same Page [Krustiņi un nullītes uz viena laukumu] in gallery Čiris - Riga, Latvia;
2002 - Ivonna Veiherte Gallery - Riga, Latvia;
2015 - retrospective exhibition A MEN together with painter Valdis Krēsliņš in Jūrmala City Museum - Jūrmala, Latvia;
2016 - retrospective exhibition A MEN together with painter Valdis Krēsliņš in Valmiera Museum -Valmiera, Latvia;
2017 - Selection in GORS Embassy of Latgale - Rēzekne, Latvia

Selected works in public space:

2002 – Fountain River of Time in Riga City Hall – Riga, Latvia (https://www.akvedukts.lv/lv/informacija/par-struklakam-un-dikiem/profesionalas-struklaku-tehnologijas/struklakas-rigas-ratsnama/) [in Latvian];

2015 – Decorative elements on the facade of Academic Centre of Natural Sciences of University of Latvia in Torņakalns – Riga, Latvia (https://www.facebook.com/TornakalnsLU/photos/a.244424779101920.1073741831.231148017096263/750509668493426/?type=3&theater