Victor Arseni

Victor Arseni

Chisinau, MD, Moldova

About Victor Arseni

ART - a great gift of God given us to cleanse our souls and strengthen the forces of our spirit!

Victor Arseni was born in the city of Kishinev, Moldova." All in a picture, which I write, should work - clothes, background, colours, technical receptions, stain, a composition - all glancing more deeply and to open more more than secrets! If something even is simply neutral - I remove without pity! For me the man not a scale figure among skyscrapers or colour effective stain on a green grass, the man for me is the centre of the universe! "I love to read, is especial a fantasy and to do to itself marks - when draw one figure, in a head ripens final outlines and highlight for the following. Time, certainly, leaves not a little, and forces am even more - simply I love to get used to the story and to sit on details of figure, to achieve the maximal expressiveness, to create something original or in other words " a PORTRAIT of the STORY ". I finish each figure up to a high degree of completeness, even colours and colour I think over - any figure, at continuation of work, can become the completed picturesque product or cover of the book.


Studii: Scoala de Arte plastice A. Sciusev or. Chisinau. Colegiul de pictura I. Repin or. Chisinau. 2004 - expozitia de arta din Italia (Citta di Marostica),


2004 - solo exhibition in Italy (Citta di Marostica)