Where Spirituality meets Physicality -> Very Large Paintings 42" x 42" and bigger

Where Spirituality meets Physicality, is a series large-scale  abstract landscape paintings by Deb Chaney were created while exploring into the question; where does spirituality meet physicality? In each painting, the earth/ground represents the physical nature of existence where the artist uses heavy body acrylics and mediums such a modeling paste with raw earth materials such as sand and salt to create thick textured earthy matter: "Physicality". The sky/upper portion of each painting represents the spiritual nature of existence where the artist taps into the unseen realm of spirit, faith, surrender, trust, and inner listening allowing these to guide her gestural manipulation of watered down liquid acrylics and polymer mediums to expre

Deb Chaney 6 Artworks curated by Deb Chaney

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