Michael Lauer

Michael Lauer

Krefeld, NRW, Germany

About Michael Lauer


No more interpretation or reconstruction of our environment.
Action painting or abstract expressionism is abstract painting in its basic form. Contrary to classical- realist painting my work is characterised by an "experimental
reality", which we can neither to see, nor describe.

Using the methods of construction and destruction, in which coincidence is mixed in, makes it possible for me to create a picture which is not predetermined. Painting becomes an analogy for the uncertain, the unknown and the incomprehensible.

Good pictures are incomprehensible.
Creating unintelligibility completely excludes producing any old nonsense because any old nonsense is always understandable as such.


1983 to 1986 design studies at the university in Krefeld | Graduation with diploma | Even before my present time as a visual artist, I developed a strong tendency to the creative process in all directions | During my studies it was more the design than "problem solver" in all areas that inspired me | Furniture projects, prototypes and interior design, application projects in the public, business and private sectors | My development of the artistic way of looking at the world in the 90 's was another stage | Drawing in fotorealism, etching, woodcut, airbrush, photography, representational painting and drawing, digital composings ... for my further work without great experimental potential


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Seit 1999 ständiger Aussteller und Mitglied des A-GANG in Krefeld

2005 Gründungsmitglied der Künstlergruppe ART-4


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