Aphrodite Drawing by Shumaila Islam

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Art Description

Drawing: Black & White, Pencil on Paper.

I use to work with elements of nature to convey my thoughts, readings and concept. These images are symbols that remind and relate with different happenings and other historical moments.
The legend about Aphrodite was adopted by the Romans, who used to call the goddess of love Venus. Romans made this flower a symbol of beauty and love. It was an attribute of Cupid as well. In Roman mythology, the son of Venus (Cupid) was stung by a bee when he was shooting arrows into a garden full of roses. When Venus was walking in the garden, she pricked her foot on a thorn left by her son. It turned the roses red. During the domination of the Roman Empire, roses were also a symbol of vanity. Roman Emperors used to dump tons of rose petals on the guests of their dinners and orgies.




Shumaila Islam



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