Marcelle D. (Edition of 1) Installation by Denis Defrancesco

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Marcelle D ( different angle)
Marcelle D. ( Seen from above)
Marcelle D. ( Detail of wrapping paper for ham)
Marcelle D. ( Details of Ham Slicer)
Marcelle D and Me.( Size)

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Marcelle D. (Edition of 1)

Denis Defrancesco



Size: 37.8 W x 59.1 H x 31.5 in

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Art Description

Installation: Metal, Plastic, Bronze, Marble, Paper on Iron.

Installation Ham Slicer Berkel Unique Model with 100 Vinyls LP's Pink Floyd "Animals" collector color Pink 1977.
Size 150x96x80 cm. 115 kg. (59.05x37.79x31.49 In. 254lbs.)
Edition of 1.

Marcelle D.

“Bonjour Madame…”
“... I would like a slice of You, please, as thick as possible”... A thousand and one times I nearly dared... Nothing ever slipped out of me. Her ham was white, pink, and blonde, soft, silky, and milky... The most voluptuous ham in the world... A thousand and one times have I devoured it, never have I been sated...

... Marcelle D, a Goddess in a delicatessen... Inaccessible behind her counter, raised as though on a pedestal, her apron like an immaculate drape, her cleavage like the altar of a temple laid for grand ceremonies... I was 12 years old, she was 25, I was ready to sacrifice myself… My offering stayed in my pants...

Marcelle D, the first pin-up in my life... My first emotions, et moi et moi... An echo from my childhood... My budding pubescence, the instinct of Desire, revealing itself to be sharp, raw, animal...

... I was obsessed with Marcelle D... The lustful way she had of smiling at me, as she cut her slices of ham... A little piggy simmering in her gaze... My imagination gathered speed as she operated the single-model Berkel slicer... My cock sliding slowly between her fingers, pearling between the blades, collapsing in the hollow of her palms, spreading over her greasy paper... My fantasies finely shredded, my juice on her block...

... Butcher paper, glossy paper.. A stolen Playboy, beauties finally revealed, apronless... The desire now sharper, rawer, more animal... 
A whole stampede inside me... The Animals... Pink Floyd on pink vinyl... The rock’n roll of my hormones...

... Marcelle D, my inspiration... The Woman who invented the Man in me... The muse who awakened my first gaze... Her spark forever embedded on my “iris”... Her single-model Berkel, my very own time machine... In Search of Lost Time... Du côté de chez Marcelle D... One very last slice of You... Merci Madame...