time eaters Installation by Dariya Afanasyeva

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Art Description

Installation: Clay, Metal, Acrylic, Found Objects, Ceramic on Wood, Other.

time eaters
Plywood / mixed media, 39cm x 55cm 2017

Laurian Onofrei May 4, 2017
Throughout our existence we enjoy things that have material value, are tangible, have colour, smell, emit sounds, have physical-mechanical properties or volume and are useful to us.
What we do not value as a matter of fact is the time itself. This iconic concept of existence, this constant and immaterial physical measurement, perhaps gives us headaches also in this right very moment when you read this article – if we think that immediately after finishing reading it we/you have something else to do … or maybe not.
Whatever we do or don’t do, time is running out. Sometimes we have the impression that it passes slower, sometimes – too quickly, as each of us has a personal perception about it.
We wonder if, in certain situations, we can compress time especially to save it. But how can anyone save something that can’t be touched?!
Even if time cannot be represented in images or material objects, Dariya Afanaseva manages to describe – in her work of art – the consumers of time or what the artist calls “Time Eaters”.
Dariya seems to be concerned with the theme of time in her artworks and, in this context, we can remind of another painting of the artist’s: “Time is Gold”.



time eaters

Dariya Afanasyeva



Size: 21.7 W x 15.4 H x 2.4 in

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