UFO Witch Roswell Star Crash

New Media
Size: 5700 H x 7200 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

New Media: New Media on Other.

The Artwork depicts the Twenty-Ninth Succubus archetype of the Fallen 'Anima,' named, Astaroth, who is listed in the medieval grimoire, entitled the Goetia.

The name of Astaroth was originally derived from the Mesopotamian sex Goddess called Astarte, the Sumerian’s and Babylonian’s knew as Ishtar, the ancient Greek’s named, Aphrodite, the Roman’s to name as Venus.

Astarte means, Queen Of Heaven. As an archetype of the ‘Anima,’ she is essentially an interstellar space chick.

However, the Playgirl grimoires of the deified 'Animus,; made as a God/Devil, which primarily list male entities, describe her as being a male Demon suffering from a bad case of halitosis, which is somewhat laughable.

Astaroth, whose name is also written as Ashtaroth evolved into becoming the UFO, cult icon, named, Ashtar, of Star Command. Hence the play on words, concerning the now iconic “I Want To Believe,” prop poster out of the science fiction TV series, X-Files.

Ashtar (sometimes called Ashtar Sheran) is the name given to an extraterrestrial being or group of beings, some people claim to have channelled through their addled brains since the Roswell incident, involving a probable WII German flying wing, and George Adamski’s visitations from ‘Project Blue Book’ Aryan (Nordics) aliens.

Keywords: Alien Girl, Astaroth, Witchcraft, Ufo, Pop Surrealism, Science Fiction, Alien, Flying Saucer, Erotic, Extraterrestrial, Chaos Magic, Occult

Subjects: Fantasy

Styles: Surrealism, Figurative, Illustration, Pop Art

Mediums: New Media

Materials: Other

Prints: Fantasy Art Prints, Surrealism Art Prints, Figurative Art Prints, Illustration Art Prints, Pop Art Art Prints, New Media Art Prints, Other Art Prints

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