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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

original oil on canvas painting

70 x 60 cm

In the picture is the back of a woman in a distant galaxy "ANDROMEDA". The beautiful woman belongs to another civilization, having only half the body. The other half is composed of a musical instrument and it is only half. The beautiful "Andromeda" lives on a distant planet that is covered with craters. In the background, there are many galaxies that interfere with each other. The painting is modern and tries to attract the viewer through shapes and colors.

"Award winnning artist, Chifan Catalin Alexandru, weaves together beguiling characters and mythical places ostensibly on stage for all to witness. In his fascinating body of work Alexandru weaves relationships between each element and character, as they work in concert to realize a loosely defined mythic narrative. Every painting has a story to tell, charming audiences to dwell on each piece to discover and interpret the unfolding events. Stylistically Alexandru was influienced by the surrealism of SalvadorDali and the imaginative portraiture of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, while developing his own personal artistic language. His canvases are packed with nuance and his handling of paint is sensitive, with delicate chiaroscuro and distinctive facial and body characteristics. Very often Alexandru will use animals or amorphous characters as the protagonists , reinforcing the conceptual distance between his illusory world and our everyday reality. His paintings are warm and friendly, yet remain mysterious, giving the impression that we have walked into a theater but the play was already in progress, the plot very much underway, It is this relationship between audience and artwork that has endeared so many Alexandru's paintings."

ArtisSpectrum - New York, Vol.19, may 2008, p.7

Catalin alexandru Chifan was born in 2 july 1980 in the little town Suceava, Romania.

-2012 PHD in visual art with the book "The Symbol of Hand in Fine Arts", Et. Artes, Iassy, 2013

International Exhibition world wide: Romania- Bucharest, Turkey- Istambul, Germany- Leipzig, Swizerland- Lugano, Argentina- Santa Fe, Bulgary- Stara Zagora, Tunisia- Monastir, Italy - Milano, Siena, Spain- Maracena, Alhambra

Important Art Fairs: 2009 - Tunisia - Monastir
2013 - Greece - Patras- "Cultures of Cosmos - Exhibition"
2014- Italy- Milano- "Concorso Buenos Aires VIII"

Paintings in the permanent collections: National Museum of art- Monastir - Tumisia, Chateau des Reux- France, Stara Sagora Museum- Bulgary, Bucovina Museum- Romania, Patras - Zervas Art Collection Greece.

Private collection: Singapore, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, France-Paris, Ireland, Swizerland, Milano - Italy, SUA-Texas, Australia, Italy-Milano.

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